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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Reveals Birth of Two Tiger Cubs

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo today revealed the birth of two Amur tiger cubs at the Zoo’s Rosebrough Tiger Passage. The cubs were born on Nov. 6, 2023, to mom, Zoya, and dad, Hector.

The first few days after birth are a critical time for bonding between mom and cubs. The Zoo’s Animal Care and Veterinary teams have observed several positive developmental behaviors including nursing and grooming.


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Baby Gorilla Makes Public Debut at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo today announced that guests now have a chance to see the newborn gorilla and the rest of the troop daily at the Zoo’s Primate, Cat & Aquatics building.

Born on July 19 to mom, Kebi Moyo (32), and dad, Mokolo (36), the newborn Western lowland gorilla is only the second gorilla born at the Zoo in its 141 years after Kayembe, who was born in 2021. Kebi and the newborn have continued to show positive signs of development including nursing and bonding amongst the other members of the troop.

Weighing approximately 4 lbs. at birth, newborn gorillas are in almost constant contact with their mother for the first six months and nurse for about three years. During this time, Kebi and the infant may not be visible at times throughout the day based on their individual needs.   


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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Invites Guests to Celebrate Baby Gorilla Kayembe’s 1st Birthday

Zoo announces first children’s book to commemorate the occasion

On Wednesday, October 26, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is celebrating baby gorilla, Kayembe’s, 1st birthday. Kayembe made history as the first gorilla born at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in its 140 years.

Kayembe eating greens

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Messy Meets Cute!

Watch Dalia’s FIRST mud bath! Not only is rolling in the mud fun for her - it's a natural behavior with a purpose. Rhinos love a good coating of mud to help cool their bodies, protect against biting insects & to act as sunscreen. 

Courtesy of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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Baby Rhino Has A Name!

Thanks to public support, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s baby rhino has a name! Dalia! The names were selected through generous donations that raised over $10,000 for rhino conservation efforts. Starting tomorrow, guests may have the opportunity to visit Dalia in the outdoor rhino habitat. Thank you for securing a future for wildlife! 

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Birth Announcement!


Cleveland Metroparks Zoo recently welcomed a Francois langur baby on July 16! This is the second offspring for mom, Glora and dad, Vinh. Francois langur babies are born an orange color and will start to darken to the adults black haircoats within a few months. Francois langurs are considered Endangered by IUCN and are indigenous to China and Vietnam. Guests can visit the new baby on the second floor of The RainForest during regular Zoo hours.

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It’s a Girl! Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Announces Birth of Rhino Calf

Guests can help name the calf and support efforts to protect the critically endangered species

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo today announced the birth of a female Eastern black rhino calf on July 9, 2022. Both mom, Kibibbi, and her calf are doing well and are bonding behind-the-scenes for the next few weeks.

The birth is an important one for the species as Eastern black rhinos are critically endangered with less than 750 remaining in the wild due to poaching that supplies the illegal international rhino horn trade and habitat loss. Guests are invited to help name the calf and support conservation efforts to protect the species.

Baby rhino_Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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Introducing Kayembe!

“Kayembe” (Kah-YEM-Bay), meaning “extraordinary,” is the name of the baby gorilla born October 26 at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The Zoo and Cleveland-based CrossCountry Mortgage (CCM) today revealed the name following a three-week naming campaign in support of gorilla conservation through the Zoo’s longtime partnership with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. “Kayembe” made history as the first gorilla born at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in its 139 years.

Baby gorilla_cleveland metroparks zoo

The naming campaign received over 600 donations, raising nearly $15,000 for the Fossey Fund in Rwanda. Named after conservation pioneer Dian Fossey, the Fossey Fund has been saving gorillas for more than 50 years.


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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s gorilla team captured the adorable moment that Baby G propelled himself on his own! Watch as adoptive mother, Freddy, encourages his developmental movements while giving him space to explore on his own. Stay tuned for continued updates on this movin' and groovin' gorilla infant!

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and CrossCountry Mortgage are inviting the public to help choose a name for the first gorilla born at the zoo in its 139-year history. The naming opportunity not only will help the male gorilla, born October 26, settle into his home at the zoo but also supports conservation of the critically endangered species in the wild.

Participants can cast votes online by making a financial contribution for any of three names at or by voting in person at the gorilla habitat at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.