Baby Capybaras

The Abilene Zoo is pleased to announce the birth of five capybaras on Thursday July, 7, 2022 at 11 AM. The five babies were born to mother Daisy. This is Daisy's second time having a litter of her own. A capybara is pregnant for five to six months. The pups each weigh between three and four pounds. Once they reach adulthood, they will be the world's largest species of rodent, weighing up to 170 lbs. The newest members of the Abilene Zoo family were born on exhibit and can be seen during your next visit.


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Capybara Quartet Born At Schönbrunn Zoo

About two weeks ago, four capybaras were born at Schönbrunn Zoo in Austria. For the two parents, it is the first joint offspring. "The young capybaras still spend the day mainly sleeping and drinking milk – but they also eat some hay. They are precocial, which means that the young animals are already so developed at birth that they can follow the parents independently. Above all, they enjoy the warm weather and from time to time dare to bathe in the water together with the adult animals," reports animal keeper Alexander Keller.


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Don’t Worry, Be Capy—Times Two!

HOUSTON (May 11, 2022) – Double the cuteness at the Houston Zoo! Two healthy capybara pups were born April 11 to first-time mom, Squirt, and dad, Rio. The brother and sister have been named Bruno and Pepa after characters from the beloved children’s film “Encanto.” Squirt gave birth to the pups behind the scenes in the Zoo’s South America’s Pantanal exhibit under supervision of her keepers and veterinary staff. After delivery, Squirt and the pups spent several days bonding privately before making their public debut. This is the third capybara litter the Zoo has had in the past 10 years.


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