Andean Bear Cubs Born at Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

After an eight-year hiatus, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (NZCBI) in Washington, D.C., is celebrating the birth of two Andean bears. The cubs were born Nov. 15 to first-time parents, 3-year-old mother Brienne and 9-year-old father Quito. The first cub was born around 4 p.m. and the second around 8:30 p.m. Animal care staff is closely monitoring the mother and cubs via the Andean Bear Cub Cam on the Zoo’s website, allowing Brienne to care for her offspring without interference. Virtual visitors can also observe the Andean bear family on this temporary platform until the cubs leave the den.


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Oakland Zoo Receives Sickly, Orphaned Bear Cub from South Lake Tahoe

Extremely ill and suffering from life-threatening health issues, the bear cub is now undergoing rehabilitation efforts at Oakland Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital

Oakland, CA – November 14, 2022…An orphaned black bear cub, estimated to be eight months old and weighing 28 pounds, was brought to Oakland Zoo last Friday night by wildlife biologists from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW).  The cub is very sick and suffering from multiple health issues, including a severe skin infection that has caused extreme hair loss, pneumonia, a viral infection, internal parasites, and a deeply infected bone in his left front foot, causing lameness in walking. 


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CUTENESS ALERT: Update on Zoo’s Rescued Brown Bear Cub

SEATTLE—Woodland Park Zoo’s new brown bear cub is beating the heat with an ice treat in a kiddie pool! The female cub was recently rescued from Anchorage, Alaska where she was found without her mom. The zoo, who has the expertise and facility, is providing a permanent home for her.

The cub, who remains nameless and is 6 months old, is temporarily living off public view while she settles in. She’s learning her new routine well and learning the cues from the bear keepers. She’s currently eating protein, kibble, greens, an assortment of fruits and veggies and formula from a bowl. As she grows, she’ll be transitioned off formula and to a seasonal diet. She currently weighs approximately 100 pounds.

Stay tuned for more updates on the cub at:

Credit for video and photo: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo

Furry Nice To Meet You! Adorable Brown Bear Cub Being Handraised At Port Lympne Reserve

Kent, July 2022 – Port Lympne Reserve in Kent has welcomed a cuddly new addition to its 800-plus animals: an adorable European brown bear cub!

The delightful little newborn arrived on 21st January in the park’s custom-built, three-acre enclosure. Unfortunately, the bear cub was rejected by his mother not long after birth, weighing less than 9kg.

Port Lympne’s dedicated carnivore care team stepped in and collectively became the baby’s new family, naming him Boki.


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Zoo Takes in Orphaned Brown Bear Cub From Alaska

Zoo takes in orphaned brown bear cub from Alaska “Sassy” cub temporarily living in non-public area

SEATTLE—Woodland Park Zoo is beary excited to welcome an orphaned brown bear cub to its home and family. The female cub, who currently weighs 89 pounds, was found roaming alone on an air force base near Anchorage, Alaska. She traveled via Alaska Air Cargo and arrived at the zoo July 13.


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Rare Andean Bear Cubs Begin To Venture Out Of Cubbing Den

The UK’s second-ever Andean twin bear cubs recently took their very first steps out into their expanded nursery.

The 4-month-old cubs have been pictured exploring their outside habitat under the watchful eye of mum Madidi. The ‘nursery’ area has recently been extended to accommodate the twin bears with plenty of space for these playful cubs to explore, climb and grow. Although these small bears were wary at first, they were soon bounding around this exciting new area. 


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Baby Sloth Bear Cubs Sleeping In The Sunshine!

Four-month-old Woodland Park Zoo sloth bear siblings, Mudhu (muh-DOO) and Lila (LEE-lah) sleep snuggled together in the spring sunshine under the protective gaze of their mom, Kushali.

In honor of #GiveBIG, enjoy this footage of Kushali and her cubs napping in springtime bliss!

In the wild, sloth bears live in forested grasslands, where they use their superior sense of smell to find ant and termite colonies beneath the ground. Once found, they wield their three-inch long claws to break them open before slurping up the delicious insects with the powerful suction force of their mouths.

Your GiveBIG gift helps create habitats that engage all of these natural behaviors—from digging, to slurping, to climbing on Woodland Park Zoo'ss newly updated tree structure, so that mom, Kushali, can teach her cubs everything they need to know to be a well-rounded member of the sloth bear community.

If you are able, please consider making a gift today to help ensure this kind of world-class care for all the animals who call Woodland Park Zoo home!

Orphaned Bear Cubs Find Safe Harbor at North Carolina Zoo

A Brother and Sister Bear Cub pair was found orphaned by North Carolina Wildlife Resources and brought to The NC Zoo for care. NC Wildlife resources partners with NC Zoo for orphaned black bear rehabilitation and wildlife release. The fate of the cubs mother is not known. They are estimated to be about 6-7 weeks old. They are in good health and will likely remain in Zoo care learning to be a “bear” throughout the Fall.

Photo-Mar-22 -3-12-21-PM

Please consider a gift to the cubs and other injured wildlife via the Zoo’s Baby Bear Cub Registry Wishlist at Amazon:


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Baby Bears Thrive At UK Zoo

They’ve had adorable twin Andean bear cubs born at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. Born to mum Madidi and dad Rasu on the 11th of January in the early hours of the morning ❤️ 

Madidi and cubs

Keepers could hear the trilling of the tiny cubs as they called out to mum. The Andean bear facility is state of the art and this imitate footage was captured within Madidi's specialist cubbing den. Mum and both cubs are doing well with the cubs doubling in size over the past two months. 🐻


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