Newquay Welcomes a Leggy Wildbeest

Extinct outside of conservation areas in their native Africa, this leggy baby Black Wildebeest is a welcome addition to the Newquay Zoo in the UK. Like all Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest are known for their quick tempers, so it will be a while before keepers can get in to examine the baby and determine whether it is a boy or a girl.  
Family portrait
Black Wildebeest family by Michelle Turton 1 rs
Black Wildebeest baby 2 by Michelle Turton rs
Baby Wildebeest eyebrows = no joke
Black Wildebeest baby by Michelle Turton 3 rs
 Photo credits: Michelle Turton/Newquay Zoo

Wildebeest are actually a type of antelope and Black Wildebeest are the smallest of the wildebeesty crew. Small is a relative term in this case however as adults grow up to 400lbs!

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