White Rhino

Southern White Rhinoceros With Rare Genetics Born At Virginia Zoo

NORFOLK, VA – The Virginia Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of a female southern white rhinoceros on November 9, 2023 at 5:40 a.m., bringing their crash up to five. The calf is the second rhinoceros ever born at the Virginia Zoo and the second offspring to 17-year-old father Sibindi and 10-year-old mother Zina, who birthed the Zoo’s first rhino calf, Mosi, in 2021.


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Rhino Calf Born at Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is delighted to announce the birth of a Southern white rhinoceros calf. The female calf, born on January 2nd to mother Nyala, is estimated to weigh approximately 50kg.

The calf joins her father, Chaka, and half-brother, Fionn, as the newest member of the seven-strong herd, also known as a crash, in Dublin Zoo’s African Savanna.

The yet-to-be-named youngster is Nyala’s second calf and the birth marks another significant success for Dublin Zoo as part of the European Endangered Species Programme, established to assist with the survival of the Southern white rhinoceros.


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First Photos Of Rare Southern White Baby Rhino Born At Knowsley Safari

October 31st, 2022  — A rare baby southern white rhinoceros has been born at Merseyside’s Knowsley Safari.

The southern white rhino calf arrived safely into the world on the evening of Sunday 23rd October, to mother Meru, following a calm and relaxed labour.

The birth was a welcome surprise to the Knowsley Safari team as white rhinos have a gestation period of 16 to 18 months and Meru had past her expected due date so it was thought that the pregnancy may not have progressed.


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Birth Of White Rhino Calf At The Wilds Celebrated For Bringing Hope To The Future Of His Species

Cumberland, OH –The Wilds’ southern white rhinoceros herd has grown with the exciting arrival of a newborn calf!

The male calf was born during the early morning hours of Thursday, November 17, 2022, to mother, Kali. The Animal Management team notes that Kali and her little one are both doing well. The calf, who is currently unnamed, is nursing alongside his mother and appears to be strong and spunky. The Animal Management team regularly observes him hopping in front of Kali on his “mushroom”-like feet (that he’ll soon grow into), all the while trying to get his patient mother’s attention with playful headbutts as she rests between nursing sessions. Kali and her calf will continue to bond in a maternity stall located in the facility’s large rhino barn and then begin introductions with other members of the herd in the next few weeks.

Southern White Rhino Calf 1997 - Grahm S. Jones  Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

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Baby Rhino Has A Name!

Thanks to public support, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s baby rhino has a name! Dalia! The names were selected through generous donations that raised over $10,000 for rhino conservation efforts. Starting tomorrow, guests may have the opportunity to visit Dalia in the outdoor rhino habitat. Thank you for securing a future for wildlife! 

Previously On ZooBorns: https://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/2022/07/its-a-girl-cleveland-metroparks-zoo-announces-birth-of-rhino-calf.html

Baby Boom: Third Rare Rhino Born at Lion Country Safari in Less than a Year  

West Palm Beach, FL – Lion Country Safari welcomed a female Southern White Rhinoceros calf to its herd on August 6th, 2022, the third calf born at the park in less than a year. She is a significant contribution to the White Rhinoceros Species Survival Plan, a national collaboration to save the imperiled species from extinction. Both the calf and mom are spending quality time bonding together in a maternity area and will be visible to guests from their cars in the drive-through safari.  


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Her Royal Horness

Queenie is the newest addition to the Rhino family at Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens. She is the first White Rhino born in a UK zoological collection in 2022. 

This year marks Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee year. To celebrate this unprecedented anniversary, an apt name was chosen for the new calf. Managing Director of Cotswold Wildlife Park, Reggie Heyworth, explains: "We feel very lucky to have another baby female Rhino, which is our fifth female baby in a row. All the Rhinos here are named after very special people and I think everyone agrees that 2022 will always be special because of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. I thought it might be a bit presumptuous to call our new baby ‘Elizabeth’, so I have christened her ‘Queenie’ instead. I think it is a perfect name for a young lady Rhino!"


Photo credits: Rory Carnegie

Queenie isn't the only royal-related birth at the Park. Louis, our new male Bactrian Camel, has just become a first-time father. He was named after Prince Louis of Cambridge as they were both born on the same day. His as-yet-unnamed calves are the first Camels to be born at the Park since 2018. The wild Bactrian Camel (Camelus ferus) is classified as critically endangered by the IUCN and is thought to be one of the rarest large mammals on earth.


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A Mega Meal For A Mighty Mum

Mother’s Day came early for Southern white rhinoceros Tuli, after zookeepers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo prepared a heart-shaped, breakfast banquet for her and her calf, Nandi. 
The rhino mum and her seven-month-old calf were treated to a feast of their favourite hay and pellets, arranged in the shape of a heart, for Mother’s Day. 

Nandi and Tuli at Whipsnade Zoo March 2022 c ZSL (5)


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Rhino Calf Discovers Giraffes, Zebras & Antelope

Arnhem, 10 February 2022 - On Thursday morning, 10 February 2022, under the watchful eye of its mother, the three-month-old square-lipped rhinoceros calf made its first acquaintance with giraffes, zebras and antelope on the savannah plains of Burgers' Zoo. The male calf was born on 26 October 2021 as the eighth young from the experienced mother and is the fourteenth rhino birth in the Arnhem Zoo since 1977. Burgers' Zoo is one of Europe's most successful breeders of square-lipped rhinoceros.

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