Brevard Zoo Welcomes First-Ever Turkey Chicks

Osceola turkey chicks were hatched to mom Giblet on September 9 and 10 at Brevard Zoo. These chicks are the first of their species to hatch at the Zoo.

The Zoo’s small flock of turkeys has lived at the Zoo since September 2020, and although the females had laid eggs in the past, they had not produced any chicks until recently. The chicks’ sire, Green Bean Casserole, lives with Giblet and other female turkeys Gravy and Cranberry.


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Narragansett Turkey Poult is Ready for Her Close Up


Meet Barley, Knoxville Zoo's two-week-old Narragansett Turkey poult (the technical term for a new hatchling). Barley is a pretty important little bird, because Narragansett Turkeys are globally endangered; they are a heritage breed that fell out of fashion years ago, and now there are fewer than 1000 breeding birds in the U.S. Soon, Barley will be big enough to go on exhibit at the zoo.



Photo credits: Knoxville Zoo