Vote to Name Nashville Zoo's Sumatran Tiger Cubs

Nashville Zoo continues celebrating the conservation milestone of the birth of three critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs. The cubs were born October 20, 2023, and they are now ready to be named. The public is invited to help vote for their favorite names from the choices below. Each vote comes with a financial commitment of the voter's choosing and every dollar raised will go to the Tiger Conservation Campaign, an organization helping to save native habitats, curb poaching, eliminate the trade of tiger parts and reduce human/tiger conflicts. 


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Giving Thanks For A Tiger Cub!!

On this Thanksgiving Day, Zoo Miami is excited and proud to officially announce the birth and provide the first images of a critically endangered Sumatran tiger!  In addition to the profound importance that this birth has to the overall conservation efforts regarding these iconic big cats, it is especially meaningful to everyone at Zoo Miami following the recent loss of “Berani,” our adult male Sumatran tiger.  In a bittersweet story of the “Circle of Life,” Berani is the father of this beautiful cub which will hopefully be an important addition to his already wonderful legacy.

6 weeks Ivy Brower lr

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Three Amur Tiger Cubs Born At Saint Louis Zoo 

Their births are important for the survival of this critically endangered big cat 

Three critically endangered Amur tiger cubs were born at the Saint Louis Zoo on Nov. 13, 2023. The cubs are the first successful tiger births at the Zoo in more than 10 years and are a significant contribution to the population of Amur tigers in North American zoos. The largest of wild cats, this species is considered one of the most endangered big cats in the world.  

Amur tiger mother Reka with her three cubs_11-14-23_credit Jackie Voelkel Saint Louis Zoo

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San Diego Zoo Safari Park Celebrates Public Debut of Two Endangered Sumatran Tiger Cubs 

Young Tiger Siblings Explore Outdoor Habitat for First Time 

SAN DIEGO (Oct. 12, 2023) —Two critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs emerged from their den today at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The cubs, born July 12, stepped out to explore their outdoor habitat, much to the delight of wildlife care staff and volunteers. 

The nonprofit San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance revealed the cubs’ names in September—the female cub is Puteri, (pronounced Poo-tear-e), which means "princess" in Malay; and the male cub is Hutan, (pronounced Hoo-taan), which means "forest." 


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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Reveals Birth of Two Tiger Cubs

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo today revealed the birth of two Amur tiger cubs at the Zoo’s Rosebrough Tiger Passage. The cubs were born on Nov. 6, 2023, to mom, Zoya, and dad, Hector.

The first few days after birth are a critical time for bonding between mom and cubs. The Zoo’s Animal Care and Veterinary teams have observed several positive developmental behaviors including nursing and grooming.


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Critically Endangered Tiger Gives Birth To Three Cubs!

Introducing Jacksonville Zoo’s newest Malayan tiger ambassadors! Cinta gave birth to THREE cubs on Sunday, November 5. The few days after birth are critical as the little family adjusts. Cinta has been very attentive to her babies, grooming and allowing the cubs to nurse, so officials are giving them space while they get settled in and bond privately behind the scenes. Animal Care staff continue to monitor them to ensure they are eating, sleeping and cuddling as they should. Just like with humans, there are potential risks. We remain cautiously optimistic and look forward to sharing updates. Tigers play a critical role in their natural habitat by balancing and maintaining a thriving ecosystem. Unfortunately, there are estimated to be fewer than 150 Malayan tigers left in the wild. This pregnancy is a significant addition to the sustainability of the Critically Endangered species, and Jacksonville are proud of their contribution to ensuring a viable and diverse Malayan tiger population.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Celebrates the Birth of Two Sumatran Tiger Cubs at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park — Just in Time for Global Tiger Day, July 29

Cubs’ Arrival Increases the Population of this Critically Endangered Species

SAN DIEGO (July 27, 2023) — San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is celebrating the birth of two Sumatran tiger cubs—the first of this critically endangered species to be born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Tull Family Tiger Trail habitat in seven years. Their birth also comes just in time for Global Tiger Day. With only an estimated 400 to 600 Sumatran tigers remaining on Earth, the births are significant in increasing the worldwide population of this tiger species and furthering the nonprofit conservation organization’s ongoing work to conserve them.

Tiger Den Still_1

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Tiger Trio Are Growing Fast and Feisty! 

Sumatran Tiger Delilah’s trio of cubs are growing fast and feisty at Adelaide Zoo, well if that’s what you call rolling around on your tummy and nibbling mum’s tail!

The latest vision, taken by Senior Keeper of Large Carnivores and Ungulates, Arliah Hayward shows the one boy and two girls playfully climbing on top of mum inside their private indoor area.


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Hidden Cameras Capture Birth of Rare Tiger Twins at Chester Zoo

Cub cam! CCTV cameras have captured the FIRST glimpse of rare Sumatran tiger twins born at Chester Zoo

Hidden cameras have captured a first glimpse of two rare Sumatran tiger cubs born at Chester Zoo.

The tiny twins were born to first time parents Kasarna and Dash on 7 January and the new family has since been bonding in their den – with all of their adorable early life antics caught by the zoo’s CCTV cameras.


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