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After 6 Years of Trying, Israel's Ramat Gan Zoological Center Succeeds!


Israel's Ramat Gan Zoological Center has succeeded with its first birth of an extremely rare Somali Wild Ass Foal on the 26th of April, Isreal's 64th Independence Day. The newly arrived foal was appropriately named Israela. Anticipating a 12-month gestation period, keepers kept the foal's father and mother separate until last Spring so that their baby would be born in the most favorable weather conditions. During mother Yelenyo's pregnancy, she was separated from father Abeba so that she would have a peaceful and interruption free gestation period.






Photo credit: Tibor Jäger

The Somali Wild Ass is critically endangered with only 350 wild individuals remaining in its native Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. There are only 130 individuals in captivity worldwide.

Baby Giraffe Kicks Up Its Heels at Tel Aviv Zoo

Mom & baby

On November 13 a baby giraffe was born at the Zoological Center Tel Aviv Ramat Gan-SafariThe new addition to the reticulated giraffe family is named Dolittle because of the dramatic way he was born.

Once labor started, the mother started pushing the baby out legs and head first in the usual "Para diving" position. This is where both front hooves come out first, followed by the head and shoulders. However, soon the keepers noticed that the labor did not progress as expected and that the calf was stuck in the birth canal with only its head and front limbs showing. Dr. Horowitz, the zoo's vetrenarian, rushed to the giraffe barn and decided to help the mom by gently pulling the calf. Every time the mother pushed, the vet pulled... hence the name Do-little!

Because the mom was trained to stand in a chute it was possible for the vet  to intervene without danger of being kicked. After a few stressful moments, the calf landed on the ground, and soon stood up!





Photo Credits: Tibor Jager

Little Dolittle stayed for a few days in the night stall with this mother and grandmother and now everyone can see him roaming in the yard -- or testing out his long legs, as in the video below -- with the rest of the family, his aunts and young cousins Diana and Darwin.

Rare Sand Kitten Birth Gives Hope for Conservation


After 63 days of gestation, a rare Sand Cat Kitten was born at Israel's Zoological Center Tel Aviv Ramat Gan - Safari. Once plentiful in numbers in the dunes of Israel, the Sand Cat has become extinct in the region. This is Safari Zoo's first successful Sand Cat birth and it is hoped this kitten will join Israel's Sand Cat Breeding Program in order to help reintroduce the species into the wild.

Three weeks ago, the kitten's mother Rotem refused to go into the night chamber at the end of the day. Keepers let her stay outside and the next night she gave birth to a tiny baby in the den in the outdoor enclosure. Keepers first saw the kitten when it poked it's tiny head and looked out from the den.




Photo credits: Tibor Jager

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Rare Red-haired Babooon!

Baby Red Baboon explores with mom 1b

On January 26, Israel's Ramat Gan Safari announced the birth of a rare, adorable red-haired baby girl. Just like humans, the gene for red hair amongst Hamadryas Baboons is recessive and it was exactly 30 years ago when the last red-haired baboon was born at the old Tel Aviv Zoo. Mom's name is "Scud" as she was born 20 years ago during the Gulf War.

While Scud's rank within the group is not very high, this new baby strengthens her position. The dominant male now spends a lot of time grooming her. He is very curious about the baby girl but Scud is cautious. When he tries to touch the baby, Scud relocates and keeps her distance.

Baby face close-up

Baby Red Baboon reaches for momPhoto credits: Tibor Jäger 

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Elderly Mom Surprises All in Tel Aviv

There is happy news at the Tel Aviv Zoological Center. Rochale, a 41 year old female Orangutan, has given birth to a healthy infant. A decade earlier, Rochale gave birth to Tel Aviv's last Orangutan arrival. In the interim, many attempts had been made to expand the center's Orangutan population including bringing two young females, Sisi and Tusi, from Germany. To the surprise of all, Rochale, Tel Aviv's oldest female, is carrying the torch for a second time!


Older mom Rochale has experience with raising healthy babies...



Photo Credits: Tibor Jager / Tel Aviv Zoological Center