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Spring Has Sprung At Taronga Zoo With The Emergence Of Two Adorable Kangaroo Joeys!

Not one, but two adorable Red Kangaroo joeys have started to emerge from the security of their mother’s pouch just in time for the spring school holidays.

The two joeys, one female and one male were born to first-time mothers Yoolah and Pebbles are estimated to be around seven months old.

Both the joeys which are yet to be named are growing in both size and confidence every day, with the female joey being slightly more adventurous than the male joey at the moment.

RedRooJoey_2 copy

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Introducing...Daiyu And Zeya, Two Adorable Red Panda Cubs!

These two precious female cubs were welcomed into the world on Wednesday the 8th of December, making them just one day off being exactly four months. Taronga's Carnivore Keepers worked closely with some special partners and have decided on the names Daiyu - which means 'black jade' and Zeya meaning success.



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Squirrel Monkey Baby Boom at Taronga Zoo Sydney!

Taronga Zoo Sydney is thrilled to announce the birth of six Bolivian Squirrel Monkey babies, bringing the total number of individuals at Taronga Zoo Sydney to 24. Typical of the species, the six babies were born in close succession over the past fortnight, with the sixth and final baby arriving last Thursday 24March, just ahead of the Easter school holidays.

Photo 1-4-22  9 00 16 am

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Red Panda Cubs Close Up

We are beyond excited to share with you a close-up glimpse of Taronga's latest arrivals - two adorable female Red Panda Cubs! 🥰 🐾

This delightful footage was captured during the cub's regular weigh-ins with keepers reporting that both cubs are growing and developing very well and are weighing in at approx. 1kg!

RedPandaCub_30 copy

To get your regular fix of #cubcontent don't forget to check out the new Red Panda Cam at 👉https://www.taronga.org.au/redpandacam


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Rescued Echidna Puggle Spends First Night Away From Surrogate Mum

Weja was adopted by Taronga Veterinary Nurse Elizabeth McConnell, who has been caring for the little echidna at her home and regularly feeding it a special milk formula. Weja was named after the place where it was found, about six hours from Sydney in central NSW.

Puggle_9 copy 2

This week Weja and Liz reached an important milestone – Liz left Weja at the hospital overnight for the first time. Watch our interview footage with Liz to find out more. At the link below you will find this footage, as well as overlay of Weja now and also some gorgeous footage of the echidna as a tiny puggle when it first arrived. Please also see below for more information.

Weja copy

“I’m extremely happy with Weja’s progress over the last few months. It’s growing really lovely spines and fur, and it’s putting on weight,” says Taronga Veterinary Nurse, Elizabeth McConnell.


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Rescued Boobook Owl Chick

It’s a busy time of year at Sydney’s Taronga Wildlife Hospital. The Taronga Veterinary Team have received an influx of native wildlife requiring care, treatment and rehabilitation. One such patient is a boobook owl chick that was found on the ground in Dearin Reserve, Newport.

The little owl was in good health when it was spotted by a member of the public a few weeks ago, who then alerted a local wildlife rescue organisation. Because the owl was on its own and too young to care for and feed itself it was brought to Taronga Wildlife Hospital.

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Pygmy Hippo Makes A Splash With Debut At Taronga Zoo Sydney!

Taronga Zoo Sydney is thrilled to announce the public debut of a rare Pygmy Hippo calf who made her first big splash today under the watchful eye of her mother and keepers. To celebrate, Taronga is calling on the public to help name the adorable new arrival!


The pint-sized calf was born just over two weeks ago and joins a number of new additions these summer school holidays at Taronga Zoo Sydney.

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Pint-sized bundle of joy: Pygmy hippo born at Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo Sydney is delighted to announce the birth of a female Pygmy Hippo calf, the first calf born at the Zoo in over four years. The calf was born on Monday, November 22 to experienced parents Kambiri and Fergus and is doing swimmingly!

Whilst the calf is still perfecting the art of walking and in some instances waddling, she is spending most of her time in an off-exhibit nursery den, under the watchful eye of her mum, Kambiri.

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Your Weekly Cub-date from Taronga Zoo Sydney!

It has just been over 100 days since Taronga Zoo staff welcomed Khari, Luzuko, Zuri, Ayanna and Malika into the Taronga family and over the past couple of months the cubs have met some incredible milestones. This includes learning how to play with one another as well as climbing! They are also now consuming a more meat-based diet, however they do enjoy a regular suckle or two from their mum, Maya – particularly little Malika!

Since birth, all five cubs have gone from strength to strength. The two boys, Khari and Luzuko are now weighing in between 13.5kg and 17kg and the three girls, Zuri, Ayanna and Malika are weighing in between 13.4kg-13.7kg. At birth, all five cubs were weighing in between 2.4kg and 2.9kg.

Over the next couple of weeks, the cubs will continue to grow in confidence and begin to vocalize.