St. Ignatius Zoo

Bottle Feeding Mara Pups

St. Ignatius Mara Feeding

On May 4, a rainy morning at Zoo Santo Inácio, the zoo keeper responsible for the habitat of Patagonian Maras and Capybaras discovered two small Mara pups wriggling around in a puddle. He immediately brought them to veterinary services where they received a bath and oxygen. When their body temperatures reached around 36°C, the pair were given milk.


The pups, Doli (black collar) and Popcorn (white collar) are both females. The Maras are now in good health thanks to the quick action and dedication of Santo Inácio keepers and vets.

Bottle-feeding a Baby Mara


Last Sunday, April 17th, two Maras, or Patagonian Hares, were born at Portugal's St. Ignatius Zoo. One of the tiny Maras was rejected by its mother and keepers stepped in to hand rear the little one for the time being. If all continues to go well, keepers expect the baby to rejoin its brother and parents soon. Maras are listed as near threatened by the IUCN due to habitat loss and sharing of their territory with European hares which were introduced to South America by humans.


Photo credits: St. Ignatius Zoo