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Little Sun Bear in Singapore

The oldest – and possibly ‘fiercest’ – sun bear at the Singapore Zoo is now the proud grandmother of a yet to be named male baby bear. This 33-year-old matriarch named Garang, which means ‘fierce’ in Malay, and her daughter Judy welcomed the new family member in February.

Baby sun bear singapore zoo 3 rs

Baby sun bear singapore zoo 2 rs

Baby sun bear singapore zoo 1 rs

Photo credits: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

A species ‘vulnerable’ to extinction, Singapore Zoo, is doing its part to ensure the sun bear’s survival through its successful captive breeding programme, which has produced three sun bears since Garang’s arrival as a one-year-old cub in 1978. Mother and daughter duo Judy and Matahari were both born in Singapore Zoo, as was the latest three-month-old addition.

What's a Tahr?

January saw multiple births of Himalayan Tahr at Singapore Zoo's Night Safari. Four year old Aman, who has been at the park for more than two years, became a proud father four times over. Himalayan Tahr are one of three species (in addition to the Nilgiri Tahr and the Arabian Tahr) of large Asian ungulates related to the wild goat.



Photos courtesy Wildlife Reserves Singapore

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Baby Bird Boom in Singapore's Jurong Bird Park

Bird lovers have something to rejoice over as Jurong Bird Park welcomed six chicks hatched over the last few months. The chicks are of six different species, four featured below, namely the Crown Pigeon, Golden Conure, Greater Flamingo and Malay Fish Owl.

Crown Pigeon (4 Months)

Golden Cunure (2 Months)

Greater Flamingo (2.5 Months)

Malay Fish Owl (1 Month)

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The Mighty Komodo Dragon... at Its Tiniest

The Singapore Zoo has hatched the first baby Komodo Dragon in it's 34 year history. Here you get a rare glimpse at the world's heaviest lizard at it's very smallest: just hatched! At this size the apex predator of the the Indonesian isles looks pretty harmless but in adulthood wild Komodo Dragons grow up to 10ft long and eat deer or even buffalo! 

Baby komodo dragon singapore zoo 1 rs

Baby komodo dragon singapore zoo 2 rs

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Otter You Glad for the Holidays?

These baby small-clawed otters are getting right into the holiday spirit at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo, as they pose for a “family photo.” Not yet ready for primetime visitors, these four little ones were born on October 24 to their proud parents - mom, an eight-year-old female who hails from the Singapore Zoo, and dad, a nine-year-old male originally from Tokushima, Japan.



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