Baby Siamang Swings into Tel Aviv

Baby Siamang and Mom at Tel Aviv Zoo

Earlier this month, Siamang mom and dad, Jamby and Jan (Jan is the boy), welcomed their first baby, which also marks the first baby Siamang for Zoological Center Tel Aviv Ramat Gan. Even though Jamby's pregnancy lasted eight months, the healthy baby weighed in at just 170 grams (1/3rd of a pound)!

When these Siamangs first arrived at Zoo Tel Aviv, they were exhibited with the Orangutans but the match was not meant to be. Jamby and Jan felt the need assert their dominance over their gentle roommates. When keepers decided the Siamangs were being bullies, the red apes were relocated.

Siamangs are endangered in their native home of Southeast Asia due to habitat destruction.

Baby Siamang Close-up Tel Aviv Zoo

Baby Siamang at Tel Aviv ZooPhoto credits: Tibor Jäger

Siamang Gibbon Baby Born at Baton Rouge Zoo

Baby face 33

Early in the morning on May 26, 2011 a Siamang Gibbon baby was born at BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo in Louisiana. The baby is currently on exhibit with its mother (born in 1993 at Fresno Zoo) and father (born in 1984 at San Francisco Zoo). Siamangs are monogamous and live with offspring until they reach maturity. This pair has reproduced in the past, and this is their third baby together.

At birth, the baby clings to its mother’s abdomen, getting necessary warmth and support. By age 2 the baby is independent, but still very much a part of the family structure. Siamangs are not possessive about food and often share with mates and offspring. They are fed a variety of fruits and vegetables along with primate chow.

 Siamang Born 5.26.11

Siamang family

Siamang 5.11

Photo Credit: Baton Rouge Zoo

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