Secret World Wildlife Rescue Center

Rescued Badgers Snuggle Up at Secret World Wildlife Rescue Center

2 badger

Secret World Wildlife Rescue Center, a wildlife rehabilitation center in South West England, is busy taking care of spring's first badger cubs. The four rescued cubs were all found orphaned or abandoned, but they're in good hands now.

The first cub was named Hovis, after a UK brand of flour and bread, because the six-week old cub was about the size of a loaf of bread.  Since they usually go with a theme for naming badger cubs, the following rescues have been named Pannini, Warby, 50/50 and Nimble.

3 badger

1 badger

Photo credits: Secret World Wildlife Rescue; Marlies Hebdon (1); Vistoria Hillman (2, 4, 5) 

Secret World Wildlife Rescue is a charity that runs completely on donations. They are in special need of support right now because of recent flooding. If you would like to help out, you can make an online donation here.

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Meet Tiny Pedro, The Orphaned Fox Cub

Pedro Fox Cub
Photo credits: Secret World Wildlife Rescue Center

An unsuspecting dog walker heard the tiny screams of this newborn Fox cub from within a thorny bramble bush in Weston-super-Mare, England and immediately notified Secret World Wildlife Rescue Center. Center Manager Sara Cowen was able to extract the tiny Fox from the thorn covered fox hole and rush him to an incubator on site. It is suspected that the cub's mother had to make a hasty escape from her den, leaving vulnerable Pedro behind. Cowen said, "He would almost certainly have died if we hadn’t found him so soon." Pedro is the smallest Fox ever to come into Secret World's care.