Secret Creek Sanctuary

Secret Creek Sanctuary Working to Conserve and Protect Australian Native Wildlife



This new Dingo pup is only one of the baby animals born and bred at Secret Creek Sanctuary, part of the Australian Ecosystems Foundation, IncAEFI is a nationally registered non-profit organization, working to conserve and protect Australian native ecosystems and their biodiversity. Its focus is to save Australia's native animals who are at the most dire edge of extinction.

They aim to do this through the establishment and ongoing management of environmentally and financially sustainable sanctuaries, of which Secret Creek is one. To that end, AEFI manages or assists important habitats spanning over 3000 hectares of land. Additionally, they conduct research along with captive breeding, to improve the future for endangered Australian mammals, birds, and even plants that are nearly extinct. You can check out the diversity of their work on their website as well as their Facebook page.

The below is a video that illustrates the work at Secret Creek:

Photo Credit: Cedar Creek Sancturay/AEFI