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Our Favorite Parachute-Pants-Wearing Gibbon Revisited

While he may have lost his parachute pants, Walli the White-Cheeked Gibbon is growing up and favoring a more sophisticated setting. In these bold photographs by the Life On White team, we get a look at the now 5-month-old baby baller at his most refined. Born last November at Schwerin Zoo, Walli is a true ambassador for this critically endangered species.




Photo Credits: Life on White

Happy Thanksgibbon

Three-week-old White-Cheeked Gibbon baby 'Walli' drinks bottled milk in the arms of surrogate mother Christina Schneider at the Schwerin Zoo in Germany yesterday, November 25th. The baby was not accepted by its mother and therefore has to be raised by hand. 'Walli' has to be fed every two hours. The hand raising will take about six months.

Walli Takes A Drink
Sweet Parachute Pants!
Photo credits: Jens Buettner / European Pressphoto

Guten Tag Little Gibbon

Born in late February at the Schwerin Zoo in Northern Germany, this baby gibbon was abandoned by its mother and is now being hand raised. While disinterested mothers are unfortunately not uncommon at zoos and in the wild, this little fellow seems to be responding well to its keepers' 24 hour care. 

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Baby gibbon schwerin zoo 2

Baby gibbon schwerin zoo 3
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Baby gibbon schwerin zoo 4
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