Rotterdam Zoo

Indian Rhinoceros Born: It's A Girl!


In the wee hours of November 3rd, a bouncing bundle of joy was delivered at Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands. Indian Rhino Mom "Namaste" gave birth to a happy, healthy female calf. The yet-to-be named baby Rhino was walking and drinking milk within 30 minutes of her birth. Namaste is an experienced mom and has given birth to 5 babies so far. Indian Rhinoceroses are threatened by illegal poaching. Today they can only be found in some nature reserves in Northern India and Nepal.




Photo credit: Shirley Kroos (1-3) Rob Doorland (4)

Rotterdam Zoo's Twin Lion Cubs Almost Ready to Explore the Outdoors


On November 13, twin Asian lion cubs were born at Rotterdam Zoo to mom Shantee and dad Kumar.  The two were still unnamed mid-January, when they had the chance for their first vet visit. It was determined on that check up that one is a female and the other is male.

The cubs are still behind the scenes with their mother but can be seen through two live webcams at the zoo. Occasionally they may be out of sight because they have climbed to the residence next door.  Soon the babies will venture out into their habitat at the Zoo under their mother's and keepers watchful eyes, for a little at a time each day, based on weather conditions. 



Photo Credit: Rotterdam Zoo.  
Webcam images made possible by Organiq and Amaziq

Vicks the Polar Bear Cub Makes Public Debut

Polar Bear Blijdrop 1

On Thursday, Rotterdam Zoo visitors had the priviledge of seeing Polar Bear cub Vicks, born December 6th, explore the outside world for the first time.  The cub, whose sex is still unknown, had spent the first months of life in a maternity den with mother Olinka. The increasingly precocious cub spent the day frolicking around the exhibit and even had his first swimming lesson.

Polar Bear Blijdrop 3

Polar Bear Blijdrop 2

Photo credits: Rotterdam Zoo

Some webcam footage of Vicks with Olinka at just 21 days of age...

Brand New Pygmy Hippo Hits Rotterdam

A newborn baby pygmy hippo from Rotterdam’s Blijdorp Zoo, is no bigger than a head of lettuce! The pygmy hippo grows to just over 3ft tall - just one fifth of the size of the common hippopotamus and is the only other species of hippo in the world. Reclusive and nocturnal, the mammals are semi-aquatic and need to live near water to keep their skin moisturized and their bodies cool.