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Little Red Panda Born at Red River Zoo


The Red River Zoo's new Red Panda, a male named Mattie, was born on June 14. The cub is currently staying in his indoor quarters with Mom. When he gets a few weeks older, he will begin to venture out into the outdoor exhibit area visible to the public. His parents, Dad Yukiko and Mom Shantou, are eight years old and were imported from Japan in 2007 by the Red River Zoo to help increase the genetic diversity of the captive population in the U.S.

The Red River Zoo is a leading breeder of Red Pandas and has bred one-fourth of the captive Chinese Red Panda species in North American zoos. Mattie will serve as an ambassador for the Red River Zoo and a mascot for MATBUS, the city's public bus system.

Mattie profile

Photo Credit: Red River Zoo

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Tiny Muntjac Fawn Born at Red River Zoo

Fawn 1

The Red River Zoo in Fargo, ND announced the birth of a Muntjac fawn (pronounced munt- jack). The little female was born on February 24, to mom Jasmine. This Saturday, March 2, she weighed in at just 1 pound 10 ounces (.49 kg).

Native to Northern China, Northern Russia, Mongolia and Tibet, Muntjac Deer are among the oldest of the deer family - there's evidence of their existence from as far back as 15 to 35 million years ago! This exotic animal is also among the smallest; the average adult weighs only about 25 pounds (11.33 kgs). The males do have antlers and tusks which they use to fight for territory. 

The Red River Zoo has successfully bred Muntjac to help create greater genetic diversity for the captive population in North America. Jasmine has given birth to several other healthy fawns, all female. Once old enough, the offspring are sent to other zoos to help those breeding programs. This baby is now on exhibit with her mom in the zoo's Rotary Wings over Asia Aviary.

Photo Credit: Red River Zoo

Three Little Noses Peek into the World: Red Panda Triplets at Red River Zoo

On June 20, three little faces - two male and one female -- were seen in the Chinese Red Panda nesting box at Red River Zoo in Fargo, ND. This is the second time the zoo has had triplet Red Pandas. The mom is Wei Da and the father is Rusty, a male on a breeding loan from the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

At birth, each of the cubs weighed in around 130 grams. Now, at  6 weeks old, the babies weigh just about a pound (4590 gms) and are doing well. Zoo keepers say Wei Da is doing a great job as mom, especially with three cubs to raide all at once!


Photo Credit: Marcy Thompson

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Rare Baby Albino Snapping Turtles

North Dakota's Red River Zoo got a rare surprise last week when an anonymous donor dropped off two albino Common Snapping Turtles. Albinism is caused by a lack of melanin pigment and albino Snapping Turtles account for only one in every 30,000. In the wild, albino turtles rarely live to adulthood as their distinct coloring makes them stand out to predators as tasty snacks.  

Albino snapping turtle hatchling red river zoo rs1 

Albino snapping turtle hatchling red river zoo rs2

Photo credits: Red River Zoo

If you find yourself in or around Fargo, ND, you can visit the hatchlings Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4PM (weather permitting) throughout the winter.

Roly Poly Red Panda Cubs

Red Pandas are only distantly related to their better known black and white Giant Panda cousins, but they do share the panda name and a love of bamboo. While these little furballs were born back in June of 2008 at the Red River Zoo in North Dakota, they are news to us here at ZooBorns and we figured we should share them. Named Xiao Li (male) and Li Ming (female), more pictures and information are available on the Zoo's Red Panda blog.

3-4 weeks old

Red panda cubs 3-4 weeks

Li Ming at 1 week
Red panda cub li ming 1 week

Xiao Li (meaning Little Beauty) at 1 week
Red panda cub xiao1 week

5 days old and squeaking away!

Sleepy red pandas at 4 weeks
Red panda cubs 4 weeks

A mischievous Li Ming at 2 monthsLei ming baby red panda 5 weeks

Looking like adults at 4 monthsBaby red panda cubs 4 months

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