Racine Zoological Gardens

An Emperor Tamarin Baby Boom: Racine Zoo Welcomes Two More Newborns!


RACINE, WI July 5, 2022 - On June 21, 2022, the Racine Zoo welcomed another pair of tamarin twins — nearly 6 months after their older siblings, Gabriella and Gianna, were born on December 22. While this is a new record for the shortest interbirth interval at the Racine Zoo, it is not uncommon for emperor tamarins, and the pregnancy and birth all ran smoothly and without issue for mother, Amelie, who was also born at the Racine Zoo in 2017. The newborn twins mark the seventh and eighth offspring of Amelie and her mate Pitino in less than four years! They also make a total of 16 emperor tamarins born at the Racine Zoo in total.

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Emperor Tamarin Twins – Again!

Racine Zoo welcomes a new set of tamarin babies to the family

Once again, twin emperor tamarin infants have been born to Amelie and Pitino at the Racine Zoo! Amelie, the mother, was herself born at the Racine Zoo, and these offspring represent the pair’s fifth and sixth offspring in the past three years. The tiny females, named Gabriella & Gianna, born on December 22, 2021, are doing fantastically.



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New Kids on the Block


Two female Nigerian Dwarf Goats were born July 14, 2011 at the Racine Zoological Gardens in Racine, WI. Both kids are doing really well, nursing, starting to adventure away from mom, and learning to nibble on the grass hay provided to them. Mom has been attentive and listens for their calls when they have wandered off too far or calls for them herself when she does not feel them at her feet.  They have not grown into their long lean legs quite yet and thus have not been able to climb the wooden platforms provided but they have discovered that underneath them is a fun place to hide from the older kids when they start to roughhouse.