Green Tree Python Babies Slither into Houston

Green Tree Pythons brown baby 4

Green Tree Pythons are a favorite among reptile fans due to their vibrant green color. However, zoo visitors are often amazed to see that newly hatched babies are either bright yellow or brick red. The Houston Zoo recently hatched 18 little Green Tree Pythons, 8 yellow and 10 red.  These colors help them hide in their preferred habitat, which is in low lying tree branches along the forest edge. When they grow to about 22 inches long their color changes to bright green - sometimes this color change can occur in only 8 days! The red and yellow colors are not related to sex or any other trait. While these reptiles may eventually reach over 4 1/2 feet in length, at birth they are about the length of a pencil. 

Green Tree Python hatching 2

Green Tree Pythons curled around branch 1

(Below) An adult Green Tree Python in its trademark colors

Adult color Green Tree Python Houston Zoo1Photo credits: Stephanie Adams

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National Zoo Python Baby Wraps it up

Had enough of exotic kittens?  We didn't think so, but it's high time we represented the reptiles. These pictures taken yesterday at the National Zoo present pythons in a new light. Be careful though, adult green tree pythons grow to seven feet in length! Thanks to Linda Lombardi for the pictures and info.

Python 4b




This fellow was born in April. Read on to see more from the National Zoo...

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