Orangutan Born at Gladys Porter Zoo

Brownsville, Texas (August 8, 2023) – Gladys Porter Zoo staff are thrilled to announce that Dodie, the Zoo’s 46-year-old Sumatran orangutan, gave birth to a healthy baby girl on July 19 at 3:00 a.m. Both mom and baby are doing well. Presently, they can be seen together on exhibit between 9:00 and 10:30 am.  Their time outdoors will be gradually increased as the newborn adapts to outdoor temperatures.   


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Critically Endangered Orangutan Born at Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo has welcomed its first critically endangered Bornean orangutan baby for more than two decades after first time mother Jingga gave birth in the early hours of Wednesday 14th June.

Visitors will be able to see the infant, which keepers have confirmed as male, when the orangutan house is reopened on Saturday 1st July following a short period of closure to allow mother and son to bond.

Jingga, who is 13, came to Blackpool in 2017 from her birthplace in Barcelona and the baby’s father, Kawan, joined her, along with Blackpool born Cherie and Summer, in 2022.


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A Gorilla Birth Brings Two Surprises for the Columbus Zoo

A newborn baby gorilla has arrived at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, bringing two surprises that delighted the care team and are of great importance for the conservation of a critically endangered species.

Surprise #1: The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium's gorilla family recently welcomed a baby gorilla, a birth that was unexpected, yet exciting for the care team and important for the conservation of a critically endangered species.

Surprise #2: The baby's mother, 8-year-old Sully, was believed to be a male gorilla before this surprise birth.

Gorilla (Sully) and Baby 6619 - Grahm S. Jones  Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Photo credit: Graham S. Jones, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

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Zoo Celebrates Baby Boom with Arrival of 9 Adorable ‘ZooBorns’

Drusillas Zoo near Alfriston are celebrating a boom of adorable ‘zoo borns’ in recent months, after the healthy arrival of some seriously cute little ones!

Visitors coming to the zoo over the summer can look out for tiny meerkats, monkeys, and mongooses playfully exploring with their proud new parents.

Born within a few days of each other, on 24th, 25th, and 30th June, three tiny squirrel monkeys can be seen sweetly clinging to their mother’s backs, peering out at visitors. Keepers have chosen to name them Mateo, Lucia, and Rafael in a nod to their native Bolivia, and the tiny infants have recently begun to open their eyes and are becoming curious about the world around them.

Silvery marmoset twin babies2

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Howletts Wild Animal Park Announce Incredible World Record Which Will Almost Certainly Never Be Broken

Kent, 14 June 2023: Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury, on June 14th, officially marked the birth of its 150th baby gorilla, further cementing their status as the leading breeder of this precious species.

The young male, named Kumbi, was born in July 2022 and has spent the past few months forging a strong bond with his family and keepers. The increasingly confident baby gorilla can be seen in the gorilla enclosure alongside his family troop.

Gorilla 1

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A Cheeky New Baby Is Born

Houston Zoo Welcomes First Northern White-Cheeked Gibbon

HOUSTON (June 13, 2023) – It’s a Houston Zoo first! A male northern white-cheeked gibbon was born on May 30 to first-time parents Ting and Max. This is the first time this species has been born at the Houston Zoo. Guests can see the new family in Wortham World of Primates, next to the De Brazza’s monkeys. While mother and baby bonding is going well at the moment, the first few weeks are crucial, and the animal care team is keeping a close watch on the pair. The keepers who have dedicated their lives to caring for the gibbons will have the honor of naming the newborn.


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De Brazza’s Monkey Born at the Milwaukee County Zoo

It was an exciting Saturday for visitors to the Primates of the World building at the Milwaukee County Zoo — a De Brazza’s monkey was born in their habitat, in front of the public!

The animal care team shares that mom Holly, 6, had a smooth birth on June 10 and that she and the baby are doing well. Holly is a first-time mom and has been attentive right from the start. Dad is Hugo, 4. Because Holly’s so attentive (and protective), zookeepers have avoided getting too involved, including weighing the baby or determining their sex initially, unless there’s cause for concern.


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Tamarin Twins For Cotswold Wildlife Park

This Father’s Day Cotswold Wildlife Park is delighted to announce the birth of Critically Endangered Cotton-top Tamarins twins and celebrate one of the most devoted dads in the animal kingdom.

Human dads receive plenty of recognition on Father’s Day, celebrated this year on Sunday June 18, but the animal kingdom also has its share of committed fathers. While many males play a role in the rearing of their young, Cotton-top Tamarin fathers go above and beyond when it comes to raising their offspring.

12a Cotton-top Tamarin baby on dad's back

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Must-see Vision Of Zola 'Being Mum' With Little Happy 

We just had to share this heartwarming vision of three-year-old Zola playing at 'being mum' with little chimp, Happy. 

In the film you can see Zola carefully preparing a nest for her 'make believe' baby (actually a stone), then being allowed to carry her little troop friend, five-month-old Happy, under the close supervision of mum Hannah before lastly, having a careful cuddle with the very wriggly one while Hannah watches on. 

Zola 5 6th Jan 2021

"Zola has always had a very maternal side and we have often caught her playing with rocks and building nests for her stones, even picking them up and carrying in her leg pocket as some ape mother's do. Since Happy was born, Hannah has been allowing Zola to get closer and closer to her baby boy. Recently she was allowed to carry him under Hannah's guidance and often has him in her lap," says Laura Hanley, Senior Keeper Primates, Monarto Safari Park.

"While sister Hope is interested in her brother, Zola is infatuated," finished Laura. 

Chimpanzees, like humans, are highly social animals and often share the caring of young. 

Monarto Safari Park is home to troop of 13 Chimpanzees and supports the Jane Goodall Institute Australia as well as Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone. 

For more information about the Chimpanzee troop and how you can support the species conservation, please visit

The Public Can Help Name a Baby Western Lowland Gorilla at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

Starting today, June 5, western lowland gorilla fans will have an opportunity to vote on a name for a baby gorilla born May 27 at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (NZCBI). Every western lowland gorilla birth is cause for celebration as this species is considered critically endangered by the International Union of Conservation of Nature. This morning, primate keepers threw a party for the gorilla troop, and festive enrichment revealed that the newborn is female. Voters can select their favorite names today through noon Friday, June 9, on the Zoo’s website. The winning name will be announced June 9.


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