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Baby Sea Lion Dives Right In

As we have pointed out in the past, Sea Lion pups do not know how to swim at birth and must be taught by mom. Oftentimes the pups are cautious about approaching the water but not this little guy. Not even two weeks old, the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium's newest baby Sea Lion dives right in and bops around, albeit a bit awkwardly. This is the first pup for mother Maggie and only the second at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, so staff are keeping a watchful eye on the talkative and active pup.

Baby sea lion pittsburgh zoo 1

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Orphan Pups in Pittsburgh

The endangered Painted Hunting Dog or African Wild Dog once numbered as many as 500,000 individuals but human population growth has shrunk that number to only about 3,000. Almost unheard of among social mammals, the Painted Hunting Dog's social structure is a submission-based hierarchy, meaning whoever begs the most gets the most food instead of whomever is most aggressive. 

These nine pups were born just days ago at the Pittsburgh Zoo but sadly the mother died shortly thereafter. Luckily a surrogate mixed breed dog was found who was happy to step-in.

African painted dog 1 

African painted dog 3 


Note that the video has no sound


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Frolicking Baby Elephants

Moja the elephant set a new world record for the longest African elephant pregnancy. After 688 days (!!!), Moja gave birth to her first calf in nine years at the Pittsburgh Zoo this summer. Luckily for the youngster, another baby elephant was born just a few weeks earlier and, as you can see in the more recent pictures, they make perfect playmates.

The calf prepares to take her first stepsBaby elephants pittsburgh zoo newborn

Playpals. Check out their muddy trunks!

Baby elephants pittsburgh zoo

Baby elephants pittsburgh zoo laying down

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