Lion Country Safari Welcomes Second Rare Baby Chimpanzee 

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Lion Country Safari welcomed a baby chimpanzee to its troop on Jan. 28, the second chimp baby born at the facility in a little over a year. The baby is making her debut on the island habitats in the preserve, and guests driving through the safari may see her clinging to mom. 

This baby has been named Lili in honor of the Tonkolili Chimpanzee Project, a conservation initiative in Sierra Leone. Due to the status of chimpanzees in the wild and the low number of births in the population, this birth is especially rare and significant for the conservation of the species. Her birth contributes to the Chimpanzee Species Survival Plan (SSP), a national collaboration to save them from extinction.  


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Hidden Cameras Capture Birth of Rare Tiger Twins at Chester Zoo

Cub cam! CCTV cameras have captured the FIRST glimpse of rare Sumatran tiger twins born at Chester Zoo

Hidden cameras have captured a first glimpse of two rare Sumatran tiger cubs born at Chester Zoo.

The tiny twins were born to first time parents Kasarna and Dash on 7 January and the new family has since been bonding in their den – with all of their adorable early life antics caught by the zoo’s CCTV cameras.


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Pangolin Pup Starting to Gain Weight!

The short-tailed pangolin pup born at Prague Zoo is gaining weight. The breeders, in consultation with the Taipei Zoo, resorted to supplementary feeding after it was confirmed that the female Run Hou Tang did not have enough breast milk. The little female readily accepts the replacement food, so now the first pangolin born in Europe is gaining weight every day.

"The 12-day-old pangolin baby makes us happy mainly because of how tough it is. Run Hou Tang's maternal care is also amazing. She puts the baby on her belly and if it moves away from her even a little, she immediately wakes up and guides her back to the warm nest," says breeder David Vala. In addition to regular feeding and weighing, he monitors the events in the nest practically continuously on cameras. "We are cautiously very optimistic, but it is far from won. Careful monitoring and consultation with colleagues from Taiwan are the order of the day."


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Win a Chance to Name and Meet this Baby Giraffe!

Support a NEW Sacramento Zoo and Its Animals by Bidding or Donating TODAY!

The Sacramento Zoo is asking the public to help NAME its baby giraffe. All proceeds from this naming contest and donation opportunity will go toward its campaign to build an amazing new, state-of-the-art zoological park (the first to be built in more than 30 years!)! All donations of $10 and more are entered for a chance to win a meet and greet with the new calf and her mother in the giraffe barn! And, of course, then there is the raffle to NAME the baby!

Click here to bid or donate today!

Greater Giving Header -NameAGiraffeCalf

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European FIRST as Rare ‘Dancing Lemur’ Born at Chester Zoo

Conservationists at Chester Zoo become the first in Europe to successfully breed a rare Coquerel’s sifaka lemur.

The precious youngster arrived to parents Beatrice (10) and Elliot (10) – 18 months after the duo were translocated from the USA to Chester Zoo to begin a vital new conservation breeding programme, designed to protect the crtically endangered primates from extinction.

Born with a thick fuzzy white coat and weighing just 119 grams, experts say the baby will cling tightly to mum’s belly for several weeks, before riding on her back like a backpack until around six months old.

European FIRST as rare ‘dancing lemur’ born at Chester Zoo (18)

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Finally!  A Baby Sloth Arrives

Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to Denver Zoo’s animal family—a highly-anticipated sloth baby! After months of patiently waiting, officials are delighted to share that their Linne’s two-toed sloth baby finally made its debut on Thursday, January 26 to parents Charlotte and Elliot. This healthy birth is a conservation win for the slow-moving species, and Denver Zoo gives a huge shoutout to their Tropical Discovery animal care and veterinary medicine teams who provided specialized care throughout Charlotte’s pregnancy to ensure both mom and baby were thriving. A recent neonate exam confirmed that Charlotte and her adorable new baby continue to thrive in their Tropical Discovery home and that this little one is strong, healthy, and nursing like a pro. Charlotte does have access to the public-facing part of her treetop habitat, so you may be able to catch a glimpse of mama and her tiny bundle during your next visit the Zoo! While sloth babies usually cling to their mothers for six months and may continue nursing up to a year, you can take a look at this cutie in the Zoo’s latest Baby Bulletin, presented by SCL Health, now Intermountain Healthcare. Stay tuned for more updates, including how you can take part in naming Denver’s newest resident!


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North American River Otters Born!!


On Tuesday, February 6th, “Zinnia,” a 5 year old North American river otter gave birth to three pups at the Florida: Mission Everglades exhibit at Zoo Miami!  This is Zinnia’s second litter of babies and they underwent a quick neonatal exam this morning to determine the gender, get their weights and do a quick overall physical exam.  We are happy to report that they all appear healthy! 

After a pregnancy of approximately 2 months, the pups, one female and two males, weighing between 147 and 167 grams, were born in a secluded den where all initial indications are that they are being well cared for by Zinnia.  She arrived at Zoo Miami in April of 2019 from the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island where she was born.  Zinnia and the pups will remain isolated behind the scenes for a still to be determined amount of time to ensure that mother and her babies have minimal disturbances while they bond and grow.


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Born Smaller Than Your Thumb Joint!

On January 22, two baby short-eared elephant shrews were born at ZOOM Erlebniswelt in Germany.

At birth, they were slightly smaller than your thumb tip. Elephant-shrews are precocial, which means they can open their eyes as soon as they are born. They can see and hear almost immediately and are running and jumping within hours. This is crucial for their survival in nature.


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Fifth Giraffe Calf Born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

There was plenty of rubber necking at Taronga Western Plains Zoo on Saturday 21 January when the Giraffe herd welcomed a new arrival.

The healthy male calf, named Shomari, arrived late in the afternoon, much to the delight of watching keepers, guests and volunteers.

There are now five Giraffe calves in the herd! Watch Keeper Glyn's update to find out more.


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We Need To Talk About Bruno!

We’re catching up with Bruno, the now just over 2.5-month-old Gorilla Infant born at Fort Worth Zoo in November.

Baby Bruno is standing (with help from Mom)! Infant gorillas grow and develop much faster than human babies do, so although Bruno is only about 2.5 months old, he’s right on time! You’ll notice him squirming around a lot more these days, reaching out or crawling on his mom when she’s trying to nap.

A gorilla infant can control its head and neck movements shortly after birth and will be able to crawl at about 3 months old. 


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