Lion Triplets Update!

Zari’s three cubs, born on Monday at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, are doing well! The cubs are enthusiastically nursing, one of many first big milestones. Watch along as Zari nurtures her cubs, providing all the nourishment they need to grow into strong lions!

Zari’s maternal instincts kicked right in with the arrival of cubs! Here, she grooms her precious newborns to keep them clean and healthy and promotes bonding.

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Twins! San Antonio Zoo Welcomes Adorable Cotton Top Tamarin Twins

SAN ANTONIO –San Antonio Zoo, the Best Zoo In Texas and #2 zoo in the nation, welcomes the birth of Cotton Top Tamarin twins. The twins were born on November 27 and live in the NEOTROPICA area of the zoo. While the zoo celebrates all new births, some are even more meaningful to securing a future for wildlife due to their conservation status in the wild. Cotton Top Tamarins are critically endangered, with ~6,000 individuals left in the wild due to habitat loss. 


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Little Giraffe Calf Settling In at Adelaide Zoo

Here’s a Friday warm fuzzy from Adelaide Zoo!

Take a peek at the zoo’s newest resident, a little one-week-old giraffe calf, tucking into his milk bottle from keepers.

The calf was born at Monarto Safari Park to 17-year-old Thula last Thursday, and while initial signs of bonding were promising, unfortunately Thula had not fed the calf within the first 24 hours.


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Swinging Into 2023 

London Zoo celebrates not so slow start to the year with birth of adorable baby sloth 

London Zoo has shared adorable pictures and footage of its first 2023 arrival - a baby two-toed sloth, born on New Year’s Day. 

Knowing 16-year-old sloth Marilyn was due any day, zookeepers had kept a close eye on the mum-to-be over Christmas and were thrilled to finally spot two big brown eyes peering out through her fur. 

Baby sloth pokes out tongue at London Zoo (c) ZSL

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It’s a… Sumatran Tiger Cubs’ Big Gender Reveal! 

Doting Sumatran Tiger dad, Kembali, has ripped open some meat-filled enrichment to share the genders of his three cubs!

After tearing through the colourful enrichment created by Adelaide Zoo's BEEZA (Behaviour and Environmental Enrichment of Zoo Animals) team, he revealed the cubs’ sexes (see the reveal at the end of this clip).

The cubs were sexed during their first health check last week with Adelaide Zoo’s dedicated keepers and veterinary team.

Cub in a tub

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Birth of Rare Chimpanzee at Chester Zoo Gives ‘Hope’ to Critically Endangered Species

Primate conservationists are celebrating the birth of the world’s rarest chimpanzee at Chester Zoo.

New mum ZeeZee – a critically endangered Western chimpanzee - safely delivered the tiny baby boy following an eight month pregnancy.

Great ape experts at the conservation zoo have revealed that the new male arrival is in good health and has spent the first few weeks of life bonding with mum and the rest of the 22-strong troop.

Older-sister -Stevie-(Nicks) -gives-mum-Zee-Zee-a-helping-hand-with-her-new-baby-boy-(1)

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Happy Birthday Kibibi!

Happy birthday, Kibibi! Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute’s "little lady" celebrated her 14th birthday yesterday, January 10th, 2023. We’re turning back the clock with some archival footage highlights from herpast. First to 2009, the year of Kibibi’s birth. Then 2011, when 2-year-old- Kibibi received her first medical exam. And finally to 2020, when the staff dropped in on Kibibi’s husbandry training.

Look how far she’s come!

We can help western lowland gorillas like Kibibi by recycling. One of the metals inside electronic devices—tantalum—is mined from areas where gorillas live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We can protect their home—and reduce the need for more expansive coltan mining—by recycling our old electronics. Every small action has the potential to make a huge difference!

Video credit: Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

Three African Lion Cubs Born at Lincoln Park Zoo

Cubs born on January 9 at Pepper Family Wildlife Center

The African lion pride continues to grow at Lincoln Park Zoo’s Pepper Family Wildlife Center! The zoo has been on #LionWatch since African lion Zari’s (Zar-ee) pregnancy was announced last month, and, on January 9, the 4.5-year-old African lion gave birth once again, this time to three cubs.

The cubs have yet to be sexed or named. The cubs appear healthy and began nursing within their first hours, a critical milestone. In the next few days, they will be more mobile and begin to open their eyes. Over the next few weeks, the cubs will remain behind the scenes as they grow in size and strength and remain dependent on Zari.

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Meet Tiko, The Rare Baby Geoffrey’s Spider Monkey

He was born on September 7, 2022, got his name on January 7 and is now the 7th baby for Prague Zoo’s female Talula (his dad is named Benji).

Meet Geoffroy's spider monkey Tiko! The little male was named by naturalist and Government Commissioner for Biodiversity Negotiations doc. RNDr. Ladislav Miko, Ph.D.

Only three zoos in Europe have this Mexican subspecies of spider monkey in care. Prague Zoo currently breeds the largest group in Europe and has kept them since 2005.

You can visit Tiko in the Zoo’s Monkey Islands exhibition complex.


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