Indian Rhinoceros Calf Is Born at Sosto Zoo

The birth of this baby Indian rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) is a huge zoological success. It required serious expertise to breed these solitary animals. They rarely breed in human care.

Since the female rhino is only fertile for a few days, the caretakers monitored her continuously, while the veterinary team tested hormone levels weekly to find the most optimal time for mating.

After a successful rendezvous, the pregnancy of the rhinoceros cow was continuously examined by zoo veterinarians and the development of the calf was monitored with ultrasound examinations and blood sampling. As the pregnancy progressed, the caretakers monitored the first-time mom through a camera system in the evenings. She gave birth to her calf on November 4, 2022 at 19:56.


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The Newest, Cutest Babies at Copenhagen Zoo

On December 27th, Cindy gave birth to a perfect baby! This is her 6th child over the 20 years she has lived at the zoo, making her quite an experienced mother.

Copenhagen also has three little lion cubs! They came into the world on December 1st.  Like most other cubs, they are very vulnerable in the first few weeks of their lives, so the family had total peace inside the barn.

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Birth of a Bongo Caught on Camera!

ZOO Planckendael has welcomed its first birth of 2023! Bongo Hikani has given birth to a beautiful baby.

Both mom and baby are doing great! This is Hikani's first calf, but the delivery went very smoothly. Bongo Lucah is the lucky father.

ZOO Planckendael’s vet made a baby visit today and can confirm it's... a boy! The little bongo will be the first to receive a name with the letter Y this year. That is the case for every animal born in 2023 in our zoo.

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Baby Saki: Cuteness Overload!

Meet Marwell’s adorable white-faced saki baby who took keepers by surprise, arriving on Boxing Day to parents Manja and Twenke.

White-faced saki are native to Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana and Brazil, where they live in a variety of forest habitats.

They are currently listed as being of Least Concern on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened species and the animals at Marwell are part of an international breeding programme.

Staff - Comms - White-faced saki baby and mother

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The UK’s Only Baby Bonobo Just Turned One…

This time last year, Twycross Zoo celebrated the arrival of a new baby bonobo, the first to be born in the UK since 2019. In 2023, Twycross Zoo is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary and is proud to be the only zoo in the UK home to the bonobo species of great ape, human’s closest living relatives. To highlight the significance of Upendi’s birth, for this endangered species, we’re re-sharing the amazing story…


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Lion Triplets Update!

Zari’s three cubs, born on Monday at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, are doing well! The cubs are enthusiastically nursing, one of many first big milestones. Watch along as Zari nurtures her cubs, providing all the nourishment they need to grow into strong lions!

Zari’s maternal instincts kicked right in with the arrival of cubs! Here, she grooms her precious newborns to keep them clean and healthy and promotes bonding.

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Twins! San Antonio Zoo Welcomes Adorable Cotton Top Tamarin Twins

SAN ANTONIO –San Antonio Zoo, the Best Zoo In Texas and #2 zoo in the nation, welcomes the birth of Cotton Top Tamarin twins. The twins were born on November 27 and live in the NEOTROPICA area of the zoo. While the zoo celebrates all new births, some are even more meaningful to securing a future for wildlife due to their conservation status in the wild. Cotton Top Tamarins are critically endangered, with ~6,000 individuals left in the wild due to habitat loss. 


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Little Giraffe Calf Settling In at Adelaide Zoo

Here’s a Friday warm fuzzy from Adelaide Zoo!

Take a peek at the zoo’s newest resident, a little one-week-old giraffe calf, tucking into his milk bottle from keepers.

The calf was born at Monarto Safari Park to 17-year-old Thula last Thursday, and while initial signs of bonding were promising, unfortunately Thula had not fed the calf within the first 24 hours.


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