Hagenbeck Has A Polar Bear Baby - Polar Bear Lady Victoria Gives Birth To A Healthy Polar Bear Baby

It's a small sensation - the first polar bear baby in the Arctic Ocean Exhibit at Hagenbeck Zoo. On December 19, 2022, female polar bear Victoria gave birth to a healthy cub in the shelter of her den. The first days after birth are critical for polar bear cubs, they are born almost naked, blind and deaf and weigh only around 900 grams.


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Your Toronto Zoo Welcomes Bactrian Camel Baby!

TORONTO, ON, Friday, May 5, 2023: Your Toronto Zoo is heading into this sunny weekend with some exciting news: we have a newborn baby camel! Suria, an eight-year-old Bactrian camel, gave birth to a female calf yesterday morning. This is Suria’s second calf and although Suria is an attentive mother, the initial stages of nursing have been challenging. Wildlife Care and Wildlife Health staff were prepared for this initial hurdle and have several strategies in place to help ensure positive outcomes for both mom and calf.

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Birth of Zebra Foal Caught On Camera!

Usually the zebras at The Netherlands’ Burgers' Zoo give birth in peace in the stables at night. This time, however, the animal caretakers witnessed a delivery at the end of the afternoon. Mother and baby are doing well. This is the third zebra born this year at Burgers' Zoo: more will follow. On the Safari's vast savannah grounds at the Arnhem animal park lives a large herd of Grant zebras, usually counting more than twenty animals. Every year, several foals are born and every year zebras leave for other zoos, that's why the number of animals changes regularly. One of the animal caretakers managed to film the birth, so we can now share these special images with you.

Spider Monkey Troop Welcomes Trio Of Babies To Primate Island

Three boisterous baby Spider Monkeys have been thrilling visitors to Taronga Western Plains Zoo these school holidays.

Born over the space of a few months to mums Rosa, Hiccups and Jai, the three young females are thriving as they learn to eat, play and climb on the Primate Islands.

“It’s really exciting to have three new babies, and to see the whole troop pitching in, it’s a real family affair,” said Primate Keeper Sasha Brook.


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Brevard Zoo Welcomes Klipspringer Calf

MELBOURNE, Fla., March 22, 2023 — Brevard Zoo welcomed a new baby to its Expedition Africa loop. On Saturday, March 18, klipspringer Deborah gave birth around 10:30 a.m. on habitat in Expedition Africa. While some eagle-eyed guests got to see the newborn baby, officials soon moved mom and little one to a behind-the-scenes area to give them time to bond.

Veterinary staff performed a neonatal exam on Tuesday, March 21, where it was determined the baby is female and is in good health. Animal care staff have observed the newborn nursing and note that Deborah is a “great mom.” At the time of exam, the little one weighed just over 2 pounds!


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