Just In Time For Mother’s Day…

Congratulations to Topeka Zoo’s Orangutan family members Rudy, Mawas, and Bumi!

This morning Topeka Zoo’s Bornean Orangutan Rudy gave birth to their newest addition. Today zoo officials closed the Lianas Forest building to provide additional privacy and allow for bonding. Both infant and mother appear to be doing well, and they anticipate the building reopening tomorrow, on Mother’s Day!


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It's A Girl! Orangutan Baby 'Jolene' Makes Zoo Debut

Kitra’s 3-week-old baby is named for her ‘flaming locks of auburn hair’

After a few weeks of consideration, care staff have selected a name for orangutan Kitra’s new baby. Inspired by the line in the Dolly Parton classic that goes, “Your beauty is beyond compare / with flaming locks of auburn hair,” she will be called Jolene.

“Because we’re giving Kitra and her baby plenty of room to bond, we were unable to tell if she’d had a boy or a girl until recently,” said Kate Gilmore, who oversees the zoo’s primate area. “Once we confirmed she was a girl, our keeper team knew right away what they wanted to call her. They’ve been playing the song on repeat ever since!”

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Oregon Zoo Welcomes New Bornean Orangutan Baby

First-time mom Kitra and her new baby are doing well, caregivers say

The Oregon Zoo’s primate family grew by a few pounds on Wednesday morning as 20-year-old Bornean orangutan Kitra gave birth to a new baby, adding to the world population of this critically endangered species. 

Caregivers said the newborn entered the world on April 13, at around 11 a.m. The first-time mom and her new arrival are doing well in their behind-the-scenes maternity den. 

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Infant Orangutan Kaja Update

Kaja update: Kaja and Indah continue to have “intro” sessions every day under supervision at San Diego Zoo, but there has not been any progression with their bond. The Wildlife Care Specialists will begin introductions with his sibling, Aisha, to assess her capacity as a surrogate. 


Kaja is perfectly healthy and right on track for a nearly 3-month-old orangutan. He has even begun teething which is just as taxing for him as it would be for a human child. Stay tuned for more updates and see Kaja’s previous clips at the links below.

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