Baby Orangutans From Saint Louis Zoo And Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Exchange Valentines

Forest has his eye on a cutie! New baby Sumatran orangutan Forest at the Saint Louis Zoo exchanged special Valentine's Day enrichment with Clementine, a beautiful 3-month-old Bornean orangutan at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. These long-distance valentines were born less than a month apart and are much-loved additions to their zoo families. 

Clementine gifted 2-month-old Forest with a heart-shaped box full of her namesake fruit, frozen treats and a giant love note. Since Forest is still so young, his mother Rubih and father Cinta enjoyed the surprise for him. 

Not to be outdone, Forest sent his own love note addressed to "My Darling, Clementine” along with a bouquet of edible flowers, acacia, bottle tree branches and banana leaves that Clementine looked over curiously while clinging to mom.

Meet Siska the Baby Sumatran Orangutan!

Berani, you ARE the father! Since legendary talk show host, Maury Povich, announced her paternity a few weeks ago, the internet is going APE for baby Siska and the entire Denver Zoo Sumatran orangutan family. Come meet the adorable viral sensation in person and learn more about Denver’s Critically Endangered orangutans! 🦧 🧡 Get your tickets now: https://denverzoo.org/visit/

Orangutan Born at Gladys Porter Zoo

Brownsville, Texas (August 8, 2023) – Gladys Porter Zoo staff are thrilled to announce that Dodie, the Zoo’s 46-year-old Sumatran orangutan, gave birth to a healthy baby girl on July 19 at 3:00 a.m. Both mom and baby are doing well. Presently, they can be seen together on exhibit between 9:00 and 10:30 am.  Their time outdoors will be gradually increased as the newborn adapts to outdoor temperatures.   


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Critically Endangered Orangutan Born at Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo has welcomed its first critically endangered Bornean orangutan baby for more than two decades after first time mother Jingga gave birth in the early hours of Wednesday 14th June.

Visitors will be able to see the infant, which keepers have confirmed as male, when the orangutan house is reopened on Saturday 1st July following a short period of closure to allow mother and son to bond.

Jingga, who is 13, came to Blackpool in 2017 from her birthplace in Barcelona and the baby’s father, Kawan, joined her, along with Blackpool born Cherie and Summer, in 2022.


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It’s a Girl!

It hangs on its mother's tummy, drinks from her breast and then falls asleep peacefully: about a month ago, a young orangutan saw the light of day in Zoo Vienna. The sex of the offspring is now known. It's a female. “This means that the little one can stay with us in the zoo for a long time. In the wild, too, female offspring usually live in the vicinity of their mother, even after they have been weaned. Male orangutans, on the other hand, move further away, ideally looking for their own territory. They would therefore be placed with other zoological gardens as part of the European Conservation Breeding Programme," explains district manager Sandra Keiblinger.


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Baby Kendari and The Orangutans Enjoy Spring-like Weather

Not only are we happy about the spring-like temperatures, but also the orangutans at Zoo Vienna. When the weather is sunny, the apes can immediately conquer their outdoor enclosure again. Two years ago it was completely redesigned and transformed into a climbing paradise with additional trees, ropes and nests as resting places. The nine-month-old cub is still curiously discovering everything from the back of its mother. "Everything is new, our orangutan girl is still careful. In the indoor area, the little one is already climbing around on her own. In a few weeks she will also dare to do this in the outdoor enclosure," says district manager Sandra Keiblinger. Young orangutans can only keep up with adults when they are two to three years old.


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Checking in with Baby Kendari at Six Months

Like their adult animal companions, baby animals at Schönbrunn Zoo act as ambassadors for their fellow animals in the wild. This is because the greatest and saddest commonality remains the threat of habitat loss and extinction by humans.

"Conservation breeding is a central task of modern, scientifically managed zoos and aquariums in order to secure the existence of endangered animal species through reserve populations," says zoo director Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck.


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Critically Endangered Orang-Utan Born At Paignton Zoo

In late October, UK’s Paignton Zoo revealed the exciting news that they had welcomed a male baby orang-utan. Mother and baby have been off-show to visitors whilst they settle in and bond but now they both can be seen by visitors in their Ape House.

The baby was born to mother Chinta, a 32-year-old Bornean orang-utan, and father Wousan who is 14 years old, on 24 October 2022.

Baby-orangutan-PZ - credit Georgina Barnes

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Banner Year For Babies at Schönbrunn Zoo

In the 270th anniversary year, the Schönbrunn Zoo was able to look forward to numerous special offspring. In addition to the arctic wolves, the capybaras and the zebras, the king and rockhopper penguins and the maned seals also provided for offspring. Even the extremely rare Mhorr gazelle, which is threatened with extinction, had two young in 2022. “Two more squirrel monkeys were born in the last few weeks – so they are our latest offspring. Our breeding highlights of the year are certainly the young orangutans, giraffes and now, once again, the koalas," says zoo director Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck.


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