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Vote to Name Nashville Zoo's Sumatran Tiger Cubs

Nashville Zoo continues celebrating the conservation milestone of the birth of three critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs. The cubs were born October 20, 2023, and they are now ready to be named. The public is invited to help vote for their favorite names from the choices below. Each vote comes with a financial commitment of the voter's choosing and every dollar raised will go to the Tiger Conservation Campaign, an organization helping to save native habitats, curb poaching, eliminate the trade of tiger parts and reduce human/tiger conflicts. 


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Veterinary Center Forecast: Cloudy With A Chance Of Extra Cuteness

A new 5-month-old male clouded leopard cub (last photo in this video) recently arrived at the Nashville Zoo’s HCA Healthcare Veterinary Center! Based on his genetics, the Clouded Leopard Species Survival Plan® recommended this cub be paired with Nashville’s 1.5-month-old female cub (one of the cubs seen in this clip) as a future breeding pair.


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Two Clouded Leopards Born at Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of a male and female clouded leopard on June 30.

The cubs weighed in at about half a pound and measured around 4 inches in length at birth which is much larger than the average cub. Nashville Zoo now has 16 clouded leopards in their care. In total, Nashville Zoo has celebrated the birth of 42 clouded leopards since 2009. These are the first cubs to be raised at the Zoo since 2019.


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Critically Endangered Cotton-Top Tamarin Born at Nashville Zoo

[June 7, 2022] - Nashville Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a cotton-top tamarin monkey. The baby was born on May 29 to 8-year-old Caqueta (mom) and 17-year-old Pancho (dad) and the sex has yet to be determined. This species is among the most endangered primates in the world so each birth in human care is crucial to the survival of the species.


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A United States (And ZooBorns!) Breeding First!

On April 29, Nashville Zoo welcomed the very first spotted fanaloka to be born in the United States. The male pup is being hand-reared by the Zoo's veterinary staff and is alert and healthy.


He was born to a pair of fanaloka that recently arrived at the Zoo and are being cared for in an area away from public view. The three fanaloka, including the baby, are the only known members of its species that live at an AZA facility in the US. Nashville Zoo is working to breed and conserve them in an effort to bring attention to this lesser-known species.

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First Mexican Spider Monkey Birth at Nashville Zoo

[April 18, 2022] - Nashville Zoo is excited to announce the first successful Mexican spider monkey birth at the Zoo. The monkey was born on April 9 to Molly (mom) and Sandy (dad) bringing the total number of spider monkeys in the Zoo's care to five. The baby and mom are healthy and made their exhibit debut last Thursday.


"Molly has been a great mom so far. She is calm, nurturing and gives the baby plenty of time to nurse," said Nashville Zoo's Primate Supervisor Brittany Canfield. "Each member occasionally gets to groom the baby too."


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