Mothers Day

ZooBorns Need Mothers Too #3

Even within the safety of a zoo exhibit, mothers provide comfort and a sense of security that has no substitute. Weighing under a pound, this tiny Francois' langur baby was born April 29 at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Watchful mom "Petunia" instinctively keeps the little bundle of unmistakable bright orange swaddled in her furry arms and legs. 

Langur cleveland zoo 1

Langur cleveland zoo 2

Langur cleveland zoo 4

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ZooBorns Need Mothers Too #1

Maternal affection and contact is essential for newborn mammals to thrive. While many of the young animals featured on ZooBorns are orphans and keepers must step in, many more have doting natural mothers like baby giraffe calf "Margaret Abigail," photographed earlier this week with mom at the Bronx Zoo.

Giraffe bronx zoo 1

Giraffe calf bronx zoo 2

Giraffe calf bronx zoo 4

When mom's lucky, sis and grandma help out (pictured below)

Giraffe calf bronx zoo 3
Photo Credits: Julie Larsen Maher @ WCS

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