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Spunky Zebra Foal Springs Into The World

Foal 2

This striking zebra foal was born at South Australia’s Monarto Zoo on August 7 in the early hours of the morning. It’s a little girl and her keepers say they are pleased with her progress. She is nursing well, looking strong and has lots of confidence.

On August 7, in the early hours of the morning, the foal’s mum, Kenya, gave birth in the night yard with plenty of company -- she was surrounded by the rest of the dazzle (a collective noun for zebras). This is Kenya’s second foal.

She has quickly become a favorite at Monarto Zoo, and she needs a name! All who wish to make a name suggestion can enter it by clicking HERE.

Foal 1

Foal 4

Foal 3
Photo Credit David Mattner/Monarto Zoo


Monarto Zoo's Brand New Lion Cub Needs a Name!

Monarto Zoo Lion Cub

On May 3rd, Monarto Zoo welcomed a beautiful African Lion cub to its fold. The cub appears healthy and strong and mother, Kiamba, is an excellent caretaker for the new arrival.  Monarto zoo is offering the public the opportunity to name the cub through the auction website eBay. African lions in the wild are in decline as a result of habitat loss, human conflict and disease from domestic animals. Wild populations have gone from nearly 250,00 individuals in the 1960's to less than 20,000 today. Professor Christopher West, CEO of Zoos South Australia said, “We are celebrating the arrival of a single lion cub who will act as an ambassador of its species to people in Australia. We want people to help us secure a future for wild lions in Africa.”

Monarto Zoo Lion Cub

Monarto Zoo Lion Cub

Monarto Zoo Lion Cub
Photo credits: Sunday Mail

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Australia's Newest Bundle of Baby Rhino Joy!


For some time now staff at Monarto Zoo in South Australia have been eagerly waiting for the birth of a southern White Rhino calf. Monday April 25 put an end to the waiting game with the arrival of a wrinkly, big footed baby Rhino. Staff arrived early to find mum resting inside her night area, which is unusual for that time of morning, and upon hearing staff Umqali promptly greeted them to reveal a tiny baby hiding behind her. So far this year, on average one rhino a day has been killed by poachers in Southern Africa. This is an appalling statistic. AND it is all for compressed hair-keratin, the same substance that forms our toenails! It is so important that zoo’s like Monarto and others make people aware of how fragile nature is and provide them with a way for people to act in the best interest of the natural world.




Photo and video credits: Monarto Zoo

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