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UPDATE: Asante The Giraffe Calf Settling In With His Tower

Milwaukee County Zoo Keepers share that Asante (Born August 4th) and mom, Ziggy, continue to bond and are now spending the night with the other females in the indoor habitat. During the day, Asante and his half-sister, Poppy, can often be seen romping together, studying the public, or napping. Asante, like other calves his age, is experimenting with solid food and eating a small amount of alfalfa, browse (leaves from trees and shrubs), and pelleted chow — although he’s still nursing quite a bit as well. Along with Poppy, he spends a lot of time following his older half-sister, Maya, his aunt, Rahna, and other female, Marlee, outside. And he continues to grow, standing tall at roughly 6’6” now!

Giraffe Asante 08-2022-0016831 E

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Baby Macaque Mania!

Check out Japanese macaque babies Emi, Sora, and Tomaru on Milwaukee County Zoo’s Macaque Island!

Their birth dates were May 1st, May 13th and June 1st, 2022

Visit the link below for a look back at the first baby’s Announcement back in May and see how far they’ve all come.

Photo/Video Credit: Milwaukee County Zoo


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Harbor Seal Pup Born at the Milwaukee County Zoo

It’s a Girl! Harbor Seal Pup Born May 24, 2022 at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Stop by to say hi to Milwaukee County Zoo’s newest addition! A female harbor seal pup was born on May 24 to first-time mom, Cossette and Ringo. The pup was born on land and was swimming after 30 minutes.

Video filmed on May 24, 2022

Video Credit to the Milwaukee County Zoo

Joel Miller

Photo and Video Production Coordinator

Milwaukee County Zoo

Monkey Baby Boom!

The Milwaukee County Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a Japanese macaque. The baby, whose sex is not yet known, was born May 1 to 9-year-old mom, Usagi, and 7-year-old dad, Kota. This marks the first offspring for Usagi and the fourth for Kota. Visitors can see the baby in the Macaque Island habitat. Japanese macaques are also known as snow monkeys, a terrestrial Old World monkey species native to Japan.

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