Meerkats Are Born at Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

For the first time in 16 years, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (NZCBI) in Washington, D.C., is celebrating the birth of three meerkats. Keepers in the Small Mammal House reported for duty the morning of May 10 and observed that 5-year-old Sadie had given birth overnight. NZCBI had received a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan (SSP) to breed Sadie and the pups’ 6-year-old father Frankie. These pups are the first offspring for Sadie; Frankie sired offspring previously at his former zoo. Meerkats live in groups called mobs that can include as many as 30 individuals, although the average mob size is around 10 to 15 individuals. Visitors can view NZCBI’s meerkat mob—which also includes Sadie’s sister, Stella—at the Small Mammal House. 

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Another Meerkat Litter Join The Woburn Mob!

We’re celebrating more new arrivals at Woburn Safari Park in the UK, as the slender-tailed meerkat mob welcomed another two babies just last month!

The new pups are the latest of three litters born to proud parents Pansy and Brendan in 2022, with keepers believing this to be the first time that we’ve ever seen this many litters from one breeding pair in a year!


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Exciting “Pup”date From West Midland Safari Park

11 August 2022  The U.K.’s West Midland Safari Park is pleased to announce the arrival of three, tiny meerkat pups – the first litter in over nine years.

Signs that the incredibly cute youngsters had been born, were spotted on 22 July, when none of the adult meerkats were out in their habitat. Keepers found the adults’ heads poking out of the nest box, with some tiny squeaks being emitted from inside.

WMSP Baby Meerkats 11-08-22 pic1

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Meerkat Born At Safaripark Beekse Bergen

Hilvarenbeek, June 2, 2022 - Two meerkats were born at Safaripark Beekse Bergen. Unfortunately, one of these young meerkats passed away today. In total, there are now ten adult meerkats and one young in the park. These small predators live in the wild in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Zookeeper Christian Meurrens explains: "Births are always exciting. In the first weeks, a lot can still go wrong. With this duo it looked good, but unfortunately one of the meerkats did not make it. Fortunately, the other youngster is doing well."

Meerkats are born blind and then stay in the burrow for another two weeks. Around the third week they crawl out of their burrow. The mother and other meerkats keep a close eye on the young. After about six weeks, the small predators eat solid food, and they are independent when they are sixteen weeks old. The animals are usually between ten and fifteen years old.

Meerkat Pup Trio Born At Dubbo Zoo

Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are delighted by the birth of three Meerkat pups on 16 August 2021 to parents Midra and Howell.

This is the second litter for Midra and Howell, having welcomed five pups in late November 2020. This new litter comprises of one male and two females. The pups are yet to be named and have recently emerged from their den.


“The pups generally stay in the den for the first couple of weeks of life until they open their eyes and get stronger,” said Meerkat Keeper, Karen James.

“The trio has only recently emerged from the den and we are really happy with how they are growing and developing.”

The five older siblings play a very important role in helping to babysit and care for the new pups. Whilst they rely on mum for milk for now, they will start trying solid food at around four weeks of age.

“At six weeks of age the Meerkat pups will have their first of three vaccinations and we will conduct a quick physical examination at the same time,” said Karen.

“We are looking forward to watching the pups grow both in size and confidence as they start to explore their habitat more and more.”

Whilst it is temporarily closed, the Zoo will be provide regular updates on the new arrivals through its social media channels.

“No doubt when the Zoo does reopen a visit to see the Meerkats will be high on the list of things to do, as they don’t stay little for long,” said Karen.

This recent birth brings the total number of Meerkats at The Waterhole precinct to 10. There is also a second group of Meerkats next to the Black Rhinos at the start of the zoo circuit.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is currently closed. For more information visit

Four Baby Meerkats Born At The Netherlands’ Amersfoort Zoo

Four meerkats have been born at Amersfoort Zoo.

Jong stokstaartje ontdekt het verblijf in DierenPark Amersfoort

“Last spring, pups were born at Amersfoort Zoo for the first time in twenty years and now we are welcoming meerkat pups again, just before the start of autumn,” says animal caretaker Marc Belt. “This loving Meerkat couple has really bonded and that's special: meerkats are very picky when it comes to choosing a mate.”

“For meerkats to form a breeding pair, there must be a strong click between the two before they land on a pink cloud. A pregnancy lasts about 2.5 months in these animals. At birth, the young are initially blind, deaf and bald. After about ten days, their eyes and ears open and they explore the world. When mother goes out in search of food, the rest of the group babysits the young meerkats. They are very caring animals,” says Marc.

The birth of another four meerkats is hopeful. Marc: “The two seem to be a good match, so I hope that this 'birth wave' continues and that we can welcome even more young meerkats to Amersfoort Zoo.”

Meerkat Singleton Born at Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria

Zuzu has done it again: The head of the meerkat group at Schönbrunn Zoo had offspring for the third time on July 25th. This time it's just a cub. This is unusual because there are usually two to four young animals in a litter. For the little one, however, it is definitely an advantage. “The young animal is really round. It finally gets all of the milk. In addition, as an only child, it enjoys everyone's full attention. The older sister Chimara likes to look after the little one and is also a playmate, ”says zookeeper Nadine Bräuer. The young animal was born in a protective cave in the earth - only about 30 grams in weight, blind and completely helpless. It is now big enough to accompany the group of seven on their forays through the area.


Meerkats live in the savannas and semi-deserts in southern Africa. Zoo director Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck researched African reptiles as part of his doctoral thesis in the Kalahari. He got to know meerkats as cheeky guys. “They kept sneaking into our tent to steal reptiles or our own food,” recalls Hering-Hagenbeck. Meerkats are small predators. The young animal, whose sex is not yet known, was suckled in the first few weeks. It is now eating insects. Meerkats are known for standing upright on their hind legs to keep an eye out for birds of prey and other dangers. Even the little one can do it like a big one with its four weeks.

Photos: Daniel Zupanc

Amersfoort Animal Park Welcomes First Meerkat Pups In 20 Years!

After more than twenty years, three meerkats have been born at Amersfoort Zoo.

De geboorte van deze drie stokstaartjes stemt hoopvol

“A very special moment, because a meerkat birth is no easy feat,” explains animal caretaker Marc Belt.

“Before meerkats form a love couple, they have to like each other very much. After two decades there is a match between a male and a female and that now results in three youngsters that are doing very well.”

These African predators have been living in the zoo for many years, but births have been delayed for a long time.

Meerkats are choosy in choosing their love partner.

There has to be a strong click between the two before they end up on a pink cloud.”

A pregnancy lasts about 2.5 months in these animals.

“At birth, the young are initially still blind, deaf and bald. After about ten days their eyes and ears open and they explore the world. When mom goes looking for food, the rest of the group babysits; they are very caring animals”, says Marc.

The birth of these three meerkats gives hope. Marc: “Love is in the air, so maybe we can expect more births soon.

Hopefully the park will be able to open its gates again on 11 May and visitors can come for a maternity visit in Amersfoort Zoo .

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Five Meerkat Pups Welcomed At Dubbo Zoo

Taronga Western Plains Zoo has welcomed five Meerkat pups at a behind-the-scenes location to new Meerkat breeding pair, Howell and Midra.

Howell and Midra arrived at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Spring 2020 from two other wildlife parks.  Following their introduction to each other, keepers observed lots of positive breeding behaviour with their first litter of pups being born on 23 November 2020.

Meerkat pups_photo credit Sebastian Bocaz (3) (1)
Meerkat pups_photo credit Sebastian Bocaz (3) (1)
Meerkat pups_photo credit Sebastian Bocaz (3) (1)

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