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Grooming is very important in chimpanzee life. Chimps learn how to groom at an early age, and use it as a way to form and maintain social bonds with one another.

When Maisie was being hand-raised by Maryland Zoo’s care team (Maisie Playlist linked below), they made it a priority to ‘groom’ her so she could learn and get used to the behavior. Now, Maisie is seen regularly grooming and getting groomed within the troop!

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This time last year, baby chimpanzee Maisie was getting ready to be introduced to Maryland Zoo’s troop for the very first time. After being hand-raised since she arrived, this was a delicate process that took a lot of thought and strategy from the chimp care team.

One year later, Maryland Zoo couldn’t be happier with how much Maisie has grown, both in confidence and in relationships with her troopmates. She’s being community-raised by the adults and continues to be as close as ever with fellow infants Lola and Violet. We can’t wait to continue watching her progress.

Baby Chimp Snuggles Post-playtime!

MAISIE UPDATE: Here, there, and everywhere, 1-year-old chimp Maisie is on the go. She has now climbed almost all the way to the top of the indoor habitat, and has been showing off more of her personality—just look at that little display towards female Asali! Most of her time is still spent with male Louie (seen in this video snuggling Maisie) and fellow infants Lola and Violet.

Maisie's mother would not care for her and she was brought to The Maryland Zoo in September of 2020 to be hand-reared before being integrated into the Maryland Zoo chimpanzee troop. Maisie turned 1 on August 28, 2021.

Baby Chimp Maisie with Males Louie & Alex

Out of all of the troop members, baby chimp Maisie has recently become the most comfortable around male chimps Louie and Alex. The three of them have had epic play sessions and we are noticing lots of happy vocalizations and facial expressions. Maisie has even been seen belly riding on Louie in the outdoor yard.

Overall, female Bunny still takes interest, but Maisie prefers to be with the males right now, especially at night. She has been sleeping both in their nests and on them. When Louie is around, Maisie shows more confidence with other members of the troop, and the chimp care team has noticed growth in overall attitude and playfulness from Louie and Alex as well.

Maisie The Baby Chimp, Outdoors For The First Time With Maryland Zoo Chimp Troop

Last Wednesday, August 4, Maisie, the 11-month-old chimp, went for the first time to explore the outdoor chimp habitat with Bunny, Lola (mother/daughter), Raven and Violet (also mother/daughter), and it went quite well! Bunny, with Lola on her back, did partially bring Maisie out clinging to her belly, which is the first time we observed this particular behavior.  


Maisie, as expected, was a bit nervous at first, but ended up doing lots of exploring and was seen climbing on both the top and bottom platforms.  She was observed playing with Lola and Violet on a back corner hammock as well.


The Chimpanzee Forest animal care team also noticed that Lola was very vigilant. Maisie ventured into the thick bamboo and got a bit nervous, perhaps disoriented.  Both Lola and Violet quickly responded and helped Maisie find her way out.


Maisie's mother would not care for her and she was brought to The Maryland Zoo in September of 2020 to be hand-reared before being integrated into the Maryland Zoo chimpanzee troop. Maisie will turn 1 on August 28, 2021.

Lola and Violet were both born at The Maryland Zoo. Lola recently turned 2 and Violet is 19-month-old.