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Meet EMMY! Louisville Zoo Announces Harbor Seal Name And Health Update

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Meet Emmy! The Louisville Zoo asked fans to help name its female harbor seal pup — and the people have voted “Emmy” as the winner. Emmy was one of three names that also included “Grammy” and “Nobel.” Keepers proposed the award-style names to align with mother, Tonie, and father, Oscar.

The Zoo welcomed Emmy to the world on Friday, April 29, at 1:33 a.m. She shares a birthday with her mother.

Tonie Seal pup_2022-05-04_kyleshepherd_26

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Playing Mom for a Baby Gorilla

Back in April and May, we brought you the story of Misha the Louisville Zoo's baby gorilla, which had been injured by a surly male gorilla. To facilitate her recovery, it was determined that Misha should be moved to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, which is internationally recognized for caring for gorillas in social groups including the placement of young gorillas with surrogate mothers. Surrogates are taught to not only care for their baby like their own but also to bring the baby over to staff when prompted for bottle feedings, medication and regular check-ups. For now though, Misha spends most of her time with zoo staffers as you can see in the must watch video below.

Baby gorilla misha columbus zoo 1

Baby gorilla misha columbus zoo 2

Baby gorilla misha columbus zoo 3

Photo credits: Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Louisville's Slugger Fights On!

The Louisville Zoo’s female infant baby gorilla (born February 6, 2010), is continuing to improve after a family skirmish left the infant injured. Happily, the Zoo’s veterinary team now says her prognosis is good. The infant is in an off-exhibit area in Gorilla Forest being hand raised by staff who are physically holding and caring for her 24 hours a day. To aid and speed recovery, she is continuing to receive aggressive nutritional support and antibiotic therapy. She is also on iron supplements to help with her anemia.





Photo Credits: Kara Bussabarger/The Louisville Zoo

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First U.S. Born Gorilla of 2010! Congrats Louisville!

Louisville Zoo’s 20-year-old Western Lowland Gorilla Mia Moja gave birth to her second baby on Saturday, February 6. It is the first gorilla baby born in North America this year and the second gorilla ever born in the Zoo’s 41-year history. The first was male Azizi born to Makari on December 4, 2003, a year after Gorilla Forest opened in May of 2002.




Photos Courtesy Louisville Zoo

Rare Ducklings Born at the Louisville Zoo

Although adult Meller's Ducks look very similar to the common Mallard, they are a distinct, and highly endangered species native only to Madagascar. Keepers at the Louisville Zoo were startled to discover two eggs in the Meller's Duck enclosure during a routine cleaning in May. After 26 days in the incubator, two tiny ducklings were born and are doing well.

Baby duck louisville zoo 1

Baby duck louisville zoo 4

Baby duck louisville zoo 2
Photo credits: Kara Bussabarger / Louisville Zoo