Roarsome News: Zoo Welcomes Lion Cubs

Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo is brimming with pride to announce the birth of a trio of lion cubs on 7 April in a major breeding success for the species. This is the first litter of cubs born at the Zoo since 2016, and the first born to new breeding pair, Marion and Lwazi.


“The female cubs are very healthy and meeting all their milestones,” said Senior Keeper Melanie Friedman. “Marion is a beautifully attentive mother. It has been a privilege to watch and be part of her journey through to motherhood and now nurturing these three precious bundles of fluff.”


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First African Lion Cub Born at Lincoln Park Zoo in 20 Years

Healthy cub born on March 15; Remains behind the scenes at the new Pepper Family Wildlife Center

CHICAGO (March 17, 2022) – The African lion pride at Pepper Family Wildlife Center has grown by one! Lincoln Park Zoo is roaring with excitement to share the arrival of a healthy cub. On March 15, 3-year-old African lion Zari (Zar-ee) gave birth to a cub as part of the African Lion Species Survival Plan® (SSP), a collaborative population management effort across Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)-accredited institutions.


The cub has yet to be sexed or named. Lion gestation lasts 3½ to four months. After birth, African lion young begin nursing within 24 hours, and they open their eyes within a few days. Over the next several weeks, the cub will become more mobile and curious, beginning to explore its surroundings.


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Five Lion Cubs’ Birth Caught On Den Camera at Monarto Safari Park!

Monarto Safari Park in Australia has some pawsome news! Five African lion cubs have been born to African Lioness Husani. 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

The cubs arrived late on Monday night into Tuesday morning with Husani inside the birthing den at Monarto Safari Park.

A 'den cam' captured the moment of each arrival with the firstborn getting a ride on mum's tail!

It will be a while before the cubs are out and about in exhibit as for now they are left to bond with mum and fill their tums with milk. 🍼

Keeping staff, everyone at Zoos SA and YOU will be over the moon - Husani and her fab five will, in the not too distant future, enjoy roaming in hectares of plains – safe and sound with the rest of the pride. However, lions in their native Africa face a very different future with their population decreasing due to indiscriminate killing, habitat loss, and trophy hunting.

It is therefore imperative that breeding programs like the one at Monarto Safari Park exist – they are pivotal to securing the future of this beautiful species.

Zoo Knoxville Celebrating The Birth Of Two African Lion Cubs

Zoo Knoxville is celebrating the birth of two endangered African lion cubs, who were delivered by emergency Cesarean section surgery on Tuesday, Dec. 21. The cubs, one male and one female, are the first offspring of father Upepo and mother Amara and the first lion cubs born in Knoxville since 2006.

The survival of both cubs and their mother is due to the quick action of her care team at Zoo Knoxville. Amara was expected to give birth in mid to late December, and she was being closely monitored. When she began showing signs of labor but delivery was not progressing, Amara was put under anesthesia and transported to the zoo’s animal clinic so an ultrasound could be performed. It revealed that a cub was lodged in the birth canal in a breech position, endangering Amara and the other cubs. The care team, which included veterinarians from UTCVM-University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, made the decision to perform emergency surgery. Four cubs were delivered, but two did not survive. The quick intervention saved two of the cubs, who are healthy, vocal, and being cared for around the clock by zoo staff with expertise in natal care.

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Three Lion Cubs At ZOOM Erlebniswelt In Germany Are All Girls!

Yesterday morning Ms. Karin Welge, Lord Mayor of Gelsenkirchen, revealed the secret of the sexes of ZOOM Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen three lion cubs: There are three females!

The names of the three little lionesses were also announced by Mrs. Welge: Jamila, Kumani and Malaika. All names come from the continent of Africa and were selected by our animal keepers to match the three young animals:

Jamila means "the beautiful one". After birth, she had a strikingly white fur that gradually darkens.

Malaika means “angel” or “good spirit” because the lioness is very relaxed and calm with the animal keepers.

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Your Weekly Cub-date from Taronga Zoo Sydney!

It has just been over 100 days since Taronga Zoo staff welcomed Khari, Luzuko, Zuri, Ayanna and Malika into the Taronga family and over the past couple of months the cubs have met some incredible milestones. This includes learning how to play with one another as well as climbing! They are also now consuming a more meat-based diet, however they do enjoy a regular suckle or two from their mum, Maya – particularly little Malika!

Since birth, all five cubs have gone from strength to strength. The two boys, Khari and Luzuko are now weighing in between 13.5kg and 17kg and the three girls, Zuri, Ayanna and Malika are weighing in between 13.4kg-13.7kg. At birth, all five cubs were weighing in between 2.4kg and 2.9kg.

Over the next couple of weeks, the cubs will continue to grow in confidence and begin to vocalize. 

It’s The Mane Event: Lion Cubs Debut At Taronga Zoo Sydney!

Taronga Zoo Sydney is brimming with pride to announce the public debut of five beautiful Lion cubs at its iconic African Savannah. The cubs, who are now 12 weeks old, have well and truly found their paws and are ready for a summer of fun as they grow in confidence.

The five cubs were born to experienced mum Maya and first-time dad Ato in August and are now weighing in between 11-13kg each. The youngsters have now been named, with the public coming onboard to name one male cub Khari meaning ‘like a king’ in Swahili while the other was named Luzuko, meaning ‘glory’ which is of South African origin and was picked by Taronga’s carnivore keepers.

The Swahili names of Malika, Zuri and Ayanna were selected for the three female cubs and were chosen by generous Zoo supporters. Malika means ‘like a queen’, Zuri means ‘beautiful’ and Ayanna means ‘beautiful flower’. All three names were chosen in recognition of the African Lion’s native homeland.

Carnivore Unit Supervisor Louise Ginman said like all youngsters, the cubs are growing at a rapid rate: “It’s been such an honour to watch these five precious Lion cubs as they develop their own unique personalities. It has been over 18 years since we’ve heard the pitter-patter of Lion cub paws at Taronga Zoo and it the first time ever we have had a full pride in the new African Savannah,” said Ginman.

“The cubs have changed so much over the course of their little lives. Our guests are going to be in for a real treat every time they come to visit and see the cubs – with so many milestones on the horizon, no two visits will be the same,” said Ginman.

Just like any newborns, the cubs have bursts of activity followed by napping, cuddling up with one another, and staying close to mum until they find their confidence. For this reason, mum and cubs will only have access to this exhibit for certain periods of the day, which may differ daily to allow for rest and family bonding.

In preparation for their move into the main exhibit, the cubs have been spending more time in their holding yard, where they have learnt important Lion behaviours like climbing and foraging, which the public has been able to watch from afar via Taronga TV’s cub cam.   

Taronga CEO Cam Kerr AO said: “Cub Cam was such an incredible initiative and gave our community a sneak peek into the lives of the cubs from the very beginning and importantly, an opportunity to support lions in the wild.

“Now that Sydney has reopened, we’re so excited to welcome back our guests and Zoo Friends to meet these new arrivals and to connect with wildlife. As Sydney’s only not-for-profit zoo, every time you visit, you support us to deliver vital conservation work both here in Australia and around the globe,” said Kerr.  

With a brand-new pride taking their place, it’s the perfect time to sign up for an all-new Zoo Friends Family Flex membership. With 365 days of unlimited Zoo entry, Zoo Friends will be able to keep up the cubs all year long as they grow, play, tumble, find their paws and even learn to climb. Just like the cubs who keep their mum and dad in check, the all-new Zoo Friends Family Flex membership means the kids are in charge.

The Zoo Friends Family Flex membership allows any nominated adult to accompany the kids on their adventures, which means whether it's mum, dad, grandparents, aunts or uncles, everyone gets a chance to explore!

Taronga Zoo proudly accepts Dine and Discover NSW vouchers, which can be used for a discount of $25 on day tickets and Zoo Friends memberships.

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Lion Triplets At ZOOM Erlebniswelt In Germany

Meet the three Lion cubs born at Germany’s ZOOM Erlebniswelt on October 8th. The cubs are now 3.5 weeks old. The first sequence was recorded on their birth day. The umbilical cord of the young animal in the front of the picture can even be seen.

Over the past week they have slowly started to explore their surroundings. Although their eyes were open from birth, their eyesight is only now beginning to develop. In small steps they expand their radius and move a little more every day. According to vet Judith Wabnitz, everything is going perfectly overall. The offspring are developing splendidly, and Fiona is a great mother.

The zookeepers can already tell the three apart. They are all different in appearance - one is rather light, the other sand-colored and the third has a cream-colored fur.

The lion mother Fiona is very calm and relaxed with her cubs. Since she is suckling the three, and her diet has been adjusted accordingly. Sister Lissy is always by her side, who accompanies the rearing in a relaxed manner. A few days after giving birth, the lionesses left the den to go outside, leaving the cubs to sleep.

It will be a while before the triplets can also be seen by visitors.