Paws for Some Fun: Happy Halloween from ZooBorns!

We here at ZooBorns wish you all a fun, safe and Happy Halloween! We thought you might like to see what some of the animals at zoos around the world are doing to celebrate their holiday.

Pt. Def Amurs

Tiger Cub pals Dumai, a 9-week-old Sumatran Tiger, and Berani, and 8-week-old Malayan Tiger, both boys, try pumpkin carving at Point Defiance Zoo. Photo Credit: Point Defiance Zoo

Otter NBPT Aq

Npt Aq Otter

Npt Aq ottter Gyan

Demonstrating a keen sense for decor and cosutme, the group of playful Asian Small-clawed Otters at the Newport Aquarium have been up to all kinds of spooktacular activities! Photo Credit: Newport Aquarium 

Seattle Aw sea lion Woody

Woody, the Seattle Aquarium's Sea Lion, seems to ponder what to do with this pumpkin: Hmmm... Scary face or smiley face? Photo Credit: Seattle Aquarium

WHipsnade Zoo cheetah cubs growling-at-pumpkin-12676



It’s the first time Whipsnade Zoo's 5-month-old Cheetah cubs have seen a pumpkin, and they wasted no time investigating. After giving them a good growl, the cubs were spotted playing soccer with them, alongside mum, Dubai, who came over to join in the festivities. Photo Credit: ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Longleat Safari Park 2

Donning mask 2

Longleat 3

Longleat Safari Park's troop of Rhesus Monkeys were given a special Halloween treat this week in the form of spooky masks, which they immediately (and expertly) donned. Photo Credit: Longleat Safari and Adventure Park


NW Tret WLDlife Pk Skunk

NW Trek Wldfl pk Moose calk

Trick costume or savory treat? While this skunk gives one a test run as a good disguise at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, their baby moose noses the pumpkins as a potential snack. Photo Credit: Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

LA Zoo & bot Gar

Halloween is a family holiday at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens... With a little help from Mom, this baby Tiger brings their pumpkin home to carve (or chew). Photo Credit: Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Smithsonian Nat Zoo meers

Ever-curious, the Smithsonian National Zoo's Meerkats mob their Jack O'Lantern! Photo Credit: Smithsonian Zoo

Col Zoo tiger

One of the Coumbus Zoo's male Amur Tiger cub duo gets a grip on the gourd. Photo Credit: Columbus Zoo

Woodland park sno leop

Woodland Park Zoo's young snow leopard cub slinks into position, plotting her scary stealth attack! Photo Credit:Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo 

Hubertina fruit bat Paradise Wldlf pk

And what would Halloween be without a bat? A Fruit Bat to be specific... Little Hubertina hangs out at Paradise Wildlife Park. Photo Credit:Paradise Wildlife Park

Have a great day everyone!