Dallas Zoo is thrilled to announce that it got quite a treat the day before Halloween… with the arrival of a much-anticipated baby hippopotamus to your Dallas Zoo family!

Boipelo gave birth to a healthy hippo calf on Sunday, Oct. 30 around 5:30 p.m. Both mom and baby are doing well and have been bonding behind the scenes, while dad Gus and half-sister Adanna spend time on habitat.

The animal team had been closely monitoring Boipelo for several weeks as her birth window neared. Signs of labor started mid-afternoon that Sunday, and the team used cameras in the barn to keep tabs on Boipelo’s progress while allowing her to deliver the calf privately. Her labor progressed quickly and smoothly, as the team cheered Boipelo on from a distance.

The calf emerged strong and immediately came up for a breath of air, and then was swimming and active while mom watched on attentively. The little one was observed nursing within an hour of birth, and mom and baby spent the rest of that first night lying close together in their pool behind the scenes.

They’re still several weeks away from the little one debuting on habitat, so in the meantime, keep an eye out on social for all the updates on mom and baby and the rest of Dallas’s hippo bloat!

Plop! Another Hippo In The Water

Copenhagen Zookeepers observed their hippo pair mating on the 14th of February, and that fits with the 8 months a hippo is typically pregnant. Officials can say with assurance that this is a little Valentine’s calf.

They don't know the gender yet, because mother and calf need a few days of peace and quiet before the vet can come for a maternity visit. The calf is limping a bit on one leg, so keepers are keeping a close eye on that. The hope is it’s just a bit delayed finding its footing.

In 1-2 weeks’ time the baby will probably be ready to go on to exhibit. First, mother and calf must have time to bond with each other, and the calf must learn to swim before it has access to the deep end of the pool with the rest of the herd.

A Day With Fiona And Fritz!

Fiona, Bibi and Fritz continued with introductions yesterday. Things went well and the three of them were able to spend most of the day together! Fiona is still learning to take cues from Bibi on how to interact with her little brother and keepers saw some positive interactions! Hippo Cove may be closed at times during these introductions. Cincinnati Zoo thanks you for your patience as their bloat gets settled in!

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Fiona and Her Baby Hippo Brother Fritz Introduced for the First Time Outside

Fritz got to meet his big sister in the outdoor habitat for the first time yesterday! Fiona was curious but took her cues from her mom, Bibi, and backed off when Fritz got almost close enough for a nose boop. The trio will continue to be put together for short periods until the care team is confident that the three are comfortable together. The next step will then be to add Tucker to the mix. Officials don’t have an exact timeline for when that will happen. Hippo Cove will be closed on and off as these introductions take place.

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It’s a Boy!! Fiona The Hippo Has A Little Brother

Cincinnati Zoo’s world-famous hippo Fiona has a “little” brother

CINCINNATI, OH (August 8, 2022) — Big news from Hippo Cove! Keepers were able to get a good look at the baby hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on August 3 this morning and determined that Fiona’s sibling is a boy!!


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Fiona Is A Big Sister!

Full-term calf 2x bigger than Fiona was when she was born 

CINCINNATI, OH (August 4, 2022) — Right around April Fool’s Day earlier this year, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden staff members were informed that 23-year-old hippo Bibi was pregnant. Since she was on birth control, most assumed that the news was a joke! The appearance of a healthy, full-term hippo baby last night around 10 p.m. confirms that a) the hippo team was not joking, and b) baby hippos are adorable! 


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6 Months Of Omo The Baby Hippo

It has been six months of Omo goodness, so Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is taking a little trip down memory lane AND showing you some new up-close Omo footage. Spoiler alert: incoming Omo window boops.

From watching Zambezi embrace motherhood for the first time with such a gentle nature to seeing Omo wild out in the pools, and every nap, plop and ear wiggle in between, it's been a joy sharing these two with you all. Happy six-month birthday, Omo!

Happy 5th Birthday, Fiona!

Cincinnati Zoo invites Fiona fans everywhere to join the virtual celebration 

World-famous hippo Fiona turns five today!  Since it’s too cold for the beloved queen of the Queen City to be outside on her big day, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden will be hosting a virtual birthday celebration. A $5 birthday gift gets you an invitation to the party

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since Fiona was born,” said Cincinnati Zoo director and party host Thane Maynard.  “She has touched so many people with her story of survival and has become a symbol of hope for millions of people around the world.” 

You’ll hear from some of those people during Fiona’s virtual celebration.  The party will also include birthday greetings from celebrities, like Johnny Bench and Jane Goodall, and touching stories from members of her care team. And, of course, Fiona will get cake and presents J. 

“Fiona’s story tugs at the heartstrings,” said Maynard.  “She was born premature and too small to stand to nurse from her mom. The Zoo’s vets and hippo care team stepped in to try to nurse her to health.  It was a tough journey. We almost lost her a couple of times, but she made it and eventually rejoined her mom and dad. This 5th birthday is extra special considering her rough start.” (see Fiona’s story for more information) 

A link to the virtual birthday party will be sent to all who purchase a $5 birthday gift.  The video becomes active at noon, EST, on January 24.  People with the link can join the party at noon or view it later.  

No on-site birthday activities are planned, since it will be too cold for the hippos to be outside.  If you do visit tomorrow, bundle up and save a bundle during Penguin Days!!