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UPDATE! Happy Hollow Fennec Fox Kits Still Adorable


On Monday, March 30th, we started off your week with the undeniably adorable Fennec Fox kits, at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo!

The quad is back, to help round out the week, with images from their latest photo-op! As you can see, they are getting stronger and growing fast…ears and all!

The two boys and two girls were born, in January, to mom, ‘Safar’, and dad, ‘Clyde’.  Unfortunately, their mom’s previous offspring did not survive. Zoo keepers decided to hand-rear the recent litter, in an effort to increase their chances of survival. When the kits are strong enough, keepers anticipate being able to reintroduce them to their parents. 



11037072_10155359130075176_3862218463193916278_nPhoto Credits: Happy Hollow Park & Zoo


Fennec Fox Kits Make Social Media Debut


Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, in San Jose, California, is proud to share the birth of four Fennec Fox kits!



10854365_10155307327500176_7819868222250320675_oPhoto Credits: Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

The quad was born on January 23, and they recently made their social media debut. The two males and two females are being hand raised by keepers at the Zoo and will soon make their zoo exhibit debut.

The Fennec Fox is a small nocturnal fox that is native to the Sahara of North Africa. It is the smallest species of canid in the world. Their coat, ears, and kidney functions have adapted to high-temperature, low-water, and desert environments.

The large ears are indeed indicative of heightened auditory abilities. Its hearing is sensitive enough to hear prey moving underground. The Fennec Fox eats mainly insects, small mammals and birds.

Fennec Foxes mate for life, with each pair, or family, controlling their own territory. The species usually breed only once each year. Following mating, the male is known to become very aggressive and protective of the female, providing her with food during her pregnancy and lactation periods. Gestation usually lasts between 50 to 52 days. The typical litter is between one and four kits, with weaning taking place at around 70 days. When born, the kit’s ears are folded over and its eyes are closed. The eyes open at around ten days old, and the ears lift soon afterwards. The captive lifespan of a Fennec Fox has been recorded at up to 14 years.

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Endangered Lemurs Emerge!

It's quadruplets at the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose, California! Born May 17th, the endangered Red Ruffed lemurs spent the last few weeks in their comfy nest box with mom. Now big enough to venture out, the four curious little boys have begun to explore their surroundings. 

Baby Red Ruffed Lemurs Happy Hollow Park

So small!Basically the size of an apple.

Red ruffed lemur weight

A peek through a hole in the nest box reveals imminent rough-housing

Red ruffed lemur in their box 

Happy Hollow Zoo Red Ruffed Lemur Babies Closeup

Endangered due to habitat destruction, poaching and capture for the pet trade, these Red Ruffed lemurs are part of a Species Survival Plan that coordinates breeding between the fifty-two accredited zoos in North America with Red Ruffed lemurs. Read more about it below.  

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