Hannover Zoo

Dig Those Baby Degus!


Degu Mom Doris has her hands full at Germany's Hannover Zoo with five baby Degus. The quintuplet loves nothing more than to climb, dig, sand bathe, and chew their way through wooden blocks. Degus come from Chile and weigh only 14 grams at birth.  The young are born blind and with their fur. After only 3 days, baby Degus open their eyes and are eager to explore their surroundings.

Photo credit: Zoo Hannover

Record-breaking 5 Elephants Born in One Year!

It's a world record! On December 9, 2010, at 3:30am, Hannover Adventure Zoo welcomed its 5th Baby Elephant birth this year. According to the zoo, never before have five baby Asian Elephants been born in a zoo within a calendar year! "The tiny Elephant girl is doing well, as is mother Khaing Hnin Hnin, who gave birth to her fourth child unassisted by the zoo staff and without any complications at all. We are all extremely happy" said zoo director Klaus-Michael Machens. Mother and daughter will now be resting behind the scenes for a few days, getting to know each other as well as the rest of the Elephant family.

BabyNo5_Foto2Photo and video credits: Hannover Zoo

The Wait is Over for Hannover Zoo

On May 7th at Germany's Hannover Zoo, after 670 days of gestation, proud elephant mother Sayang delivered a baby girl. At 89 centimeters tall, and weighing 106 kilos the calf is a real heart-breaker. For four weeks, zoo keepers and vets kept a round the clock eye on the expectant mother until tests revealed the delivery was imminent. The baby is healthy and happily adjusting to her new surroundings.



Photo Credits: Zoo Hannover

Baby Einstein the Vulture

Germany's Hannover Zoo has an extraordinary hatchling on its hands - a muppet-like one-month-old baby Griffon Vulture. In past breeding attempts, sibling rivalry between hatchlings resulted in dangerous squabbles so Einstein is being raised by hand while his sibling stays in the nest. Keepers will return Einstein to the nest when he is strong enough to endure the occasional vulture throw-down. 



Baby vulture chick hannover zoo 1

Photo Credits: Zoo Hannover