Meet Moto the L'Hoest's Monkey...


Photographer peterdc8 caught these compelling photos of Moto, Colchester Zoo's year-old L'Hoest's Monkey over the weekend. The name 'Moto' means fire in Swahili. As evidenced by these photos of Moto eating veggies, the L'Hoest diet is primarily herbivore, although L'Hoests are also known to eat eggs, lizards, and small birds. These charismatic monkeys are listed as vulnerable to extinction by the IUCN.


Photo credits: peterdc8

Wolf's Guenon Monkey Born at the Bronx Zoo

Born earlier this month to parents Jordan and Gigi, this baby Wolf's Guenon girl is the newest addition to the Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo and can be seen year-round in the Congo Gorilla Forest exhibit.  

Wolfs guenon mother and and baby bronx zoo 2 rs

Colorful and chatty, Wolf's Guenons are Old World Monkeys native to the area south of the Congo River in central Africa. These highly social monkeys have a wide range of calls they use to communicate with one another.

Wolfs guenon mother and and baby bronx zoo 1 rs
Photo Credits: Julie Larsen Maher / ©WCS