Wobbly Gerenuk Gets a Push From Mom at the Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo - Gerenuk Calf - April 2013 - 03

This spring, the Phoenix Zoo welcomed two new members to its Gerenuk herd. The first calf, a female, was born in April while the second, a male, was born in late May. The calves and their moms are doing well. During the first weeks of their lives, baby Gerenuk spent most of their time hiding amongst the bush while their mothers feed close by. 

Phoenix Zoo - Gerenuk Calf - May 2013 - 03

Gerenuk are a type of antelope found native to Africa. Their name, which means "giraffe-necked" in the Somali language, refers to their long necks and ability to stand straight up on their hind legs, which allow them to reach tall tree branches while grazing. 

Phoenix Zoo - Gerenuk Calf - May 2013 - 01

Phoenix Zoo - Gerenuk Calf - April 2013 - 04

Phoenix Zoo - Gerenuk Calf - April 2013 - 05
Photo Credit: Pheonix Zoo

LA Zoo Gerenuk Looking Other-Worldly

Gerenuks are shy, slight creatures. When threatened or preyed upon, a gerenuk may stand very still behind a bush or a tree and slowly creep away with its head lowered, or gallop toward a place of safety. Although these antelopes are not particularly fast, they are difficult to chase because they dart in, around, and between the desert bushes and trees. These photos were taken at the LA Zoo just days ago.




Two adult female Gerenuk stand guard.

Thanks to MickiP65 for the photos via flickr.