Twin Bush Babies Born At Dierenpark Amersfoort

Two Senegal galagos have been born at DierenPark Amersfoort. “The twins are doing well,” says animal caretaker Lotte Gielen. “The mother carries her young through the dark jungle so that they explore the enclosure.” Galagos are prosimians and active in the dark. The gender of the Galago twins is still unknown.

Senegal galago’s komen van oorsprong voor in de beboste gebieden en op de savannes van Midden-Afrika

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Galago Babies!

Two Senegal galagos have been born at Amersfoort Zoo. “The two young monkeys are doing well”, animal caretaker Christel Broekman tells. “Galagos are native to the forested areas and savannas from Senegal to Somalia and Tanzania. The monkeys can now mainly be found with their mother, but they will soon discover their habitat one step at a time. Then we can also determine their gender.”

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Bush Baby Hat Trick for Prague Zoo!

Senegal Bush Baby - Zoo Prague 7

Three Senegal Bush Babies (also known as Galagos) were born at the Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic on October 5th. On wednesday, zoo veterinarians gave the three their first medical check up. The babies are from two different litters, despite having been born all on the same day. This trio of tree dwellers includes two males and a female. Bush Babies use sensitive hearing and ears which can bend one at a time to hear their prey which includes birds and insects. Fruit, seeds, flowers, eggs, nuts, and tree gums make up the rest of their omnivorous diet.

Senegal Bush Baby - Zoo Prague 3

Senegal Bush Baby - Zoo Prague 2

Senegal Bush Baby - Zoo Prague 5

Senegal Bush Baby - Zoo Prague 1

Senegal Bush Baby - Zoo Prague 6
Photo credits: Zoo Prague

Baby Bush Baby Born in Cleveland

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, managers of one of the largest collections of prosimians in the country, is happy to announce the November 15 birth of an infant Mohol Bush Baby, one of fewer than 15 Bush Babies on exhibit in all of North America. The as-yet-unnamed little Bush Baby is the offspring of mother, Yetty, and father, Yaupon, one of only four breeding Bush Baby pairs in North America. The two Bush Babies came to Cleveland from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle when they closed their nocturnal exhibit.



Photo credits: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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Britain's Bush Baby Twins

Keepers at Scotland's Edinburgh Zoo are celebrating the birth of their first female bushbaby to a breeding pair they received in 2005. The little girl also has a twin male sibling. Born January 5th, the Mohol bushbabies just reached an age when they could be examined by keepers without undue stress, so it was not until this week that zoo vets confirmed the babies' genders.


Photo Credits: RZSS

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Little Bushbaby Gets a Checkup


The Woodland Park Zoo has no shortage of babies these days. Check out these adorable little galagos, African primates that are also known as "bushbabies!" Their big eyes allow them to see very well at night. These guys were born October 11th, 2008 and you can watch them grow on the Zoo's blog

galago baby bushbaby bush primate woodland park zoo
"No one likes going to the doctor..."

galago bush baby bushbaby vet veterinarian woodland park zoo

galago bush baby bushbaby stethoscope vet veterinarian woodland park zoo

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