Fennec Fox

Meet Bella and Bill, The Baby Fennec Foxes


Safari West in Santa Rosa, California is now home two two six-week-old Fennec Fox kits. Bella, is pictured above and last with Bev Baily, Animal Collections Manager for Safari West. Bill, Bella's brother, is seen having his breakfast in the second picture. Nocturnal hunters, fennec foxes detect tasty insects and small rodents with their ridiculously oversized ears.


Photo credits: Safari West

Fennec Friday!

Twice in one week, the Everland Zoo's photographer, In Cherl Kim, has delivered outstanding photos of one of our favorite animals - this time it's the inimitable Fennec Fox! This small nocturnal fox's oversized ears help it track down tasty critters in the dark and also help it dissipate heat in the hot desert sun. An unanticipated tertiary benefit of the Fennec's huge ears was instant celebrity status on ZooBorns. In accredited North American zoos, Fennec Fox breeding is carefully managed by a Species Survival Plan, administered by the St. Louis Zoo. The first two pictures were taken just three days ago, while the second two pictures depict an older kit back in September.

Baby fennec fox pup everland zoo 1

Baby fennec fox pup everland zoo 1

Baby fennec fox pup everland zoo 1

Baby fennec fox pup everland zoo 1

Family Portrait

Baby fennec fox pup everland zoo 1

Photo credits: In Cherl Kim / Everland Zoo

If these aren't reason enough to plan a trip to Korea and the Everland Zoo, we're not sure what is.

Feisty Fennec Fox Kits for Drusillas Park

The UK's Drusillas Park in East Sussex is currently debuting its second litter of Fennec Foxes in six months. The twins (one male and one female) who are not yet named were born on July 23rd and are thriving under the watchful guidance of proud parents Mali and Tabari.  They have now taken their first steps and are just starting to explore the environment outside the nest box.




Photo Credits: Drusillas Park


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LA Zoo Delivers Your Fennec Fox Fix

Here at ZooBorns we're no strangers to Fennec Fox kits. One we've dubbed Radar Ears holds court over our Facebook page. Today L.A. Zoo announced the debut of three new baby Fennecs. The three kits, born on May 24, are being raised by their parents in the Winnick Family Children’s Zoo.  It takes patience and a keen eye to spot the littermates as they are great hiders.

Fennec Fox Female with 2 Pups 7-24-10_Tad Motoyama 2024



Photo Credits: Tad Motoyama / Los Angeles Zoo

Fennec Foxes are the world's smallest wild canine, weighing in at just under 3.5 pounds in adulthood. In contrast to their small stature, Fennecs have distinctively large ears that can reach a length of up to six inches; about one-third of their body length.  Their ears serve as “radiators” that dissipate heat enabling the foxes to stay cool. They also enhance the fox’s acute sense of hearing, helping them detect prey.

Fennec Foxes are nocturnal animals native to the deserts of North Africa that hunt small rodents, birds, eggs, lizards and insects. Their cream-colored coats allow them to blend in with their desert surroundings.

And while we're at it, these pictures of juvenile Fennec Foxes from Germany's Zoo Darmstadt are too good not to share...


Fennec fox baby  zoo darmstadtPhoto Credits: Joachim S. Mueller

The Everland Zoo's Adorable Fennec Fox Kits

Time to check back in on our favorite Fennec Fox kits at the Everland Zoo in Seoul, Korea. Zoo photographer In Cherl Kim takes outstanding photos of these epically adorable canines. Fennec Foxes are uniquely suited to the desert, where their big ears let them detect insects dancing across the sand at night and fur lined paws protect them from scorching hot sand during the day. 

Fennec fox everland zoo 1 

Fennec fox everland zoo 2 

Fennec fox everland zoo 3