Young Elephants Explore Beekse Bergen’s Elephant Valley for the First Time

Hilvarenbeek, NL, May 14, 2024 - The three young elephants at Beekse Bergen have explored the Elephant Valley for the first time. This large habitat is entirely new to the calves; previously, they resided in an adjacent enclosure.

In their new environment, there was a lot to discover, says head zookeeper Yvonne Vogels. "The herd behaved naturally, with the young ones staying nicely in the middle of the group and constantly staying together. Later, the calves became a bit more adventurous and wandered a bit further from their mothers. It was truly wonderful to see how they behaved!"

Olifantjes verkennen Olifantenvallei (1)

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Night of Excitement at BIOPARC Valencia After the "Live" Birth of a Second Elephant

At 2:14 this morning, after a gestation period of 651 days, the happy birth of a second African elephant occurred at BIOPARC Valencia. Impressive images of the emotional moment followed, during which it has been observed that the female Maja has begun nurturing and attending to the newborn, amidst the enormous curiosity of the rest of the herd. The animal care team shows caution, reinforcing the protocol and intense surveillance, as the evolution in the first hours and the coming days is crucial.

14 MARZO 2024 - Cría de elefante recién nacida en BIOPARC Valencia

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Toledo Zoo's Elephant Herd Grows with Arrival of Newborn Calf

TOLEDO, Ohio, March 1, 2024 – The Toledo Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of a healthy baby elephant, born to African elephant, Renee. The male calf, currently weighing 280 pounds, was welcomed into the Tembo Trail exhibit on February 17, 2024.

“The birth of this precious baby elephant is such a momentous event. I couldn’t be prouder of our whole Zoo team. The team not only has such dedication to our elephants but they have also made every effort to bring our members and followers along for the journey of Renee’s pregnancy. A huge part of our mission is to inspire and educate, this baby is already helping us achieve our mission,” said Jeff Sailer, president and CEO of the Toledo Zoo.

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Beekse Bergen’s Youngest Elephant Calf Tendai Enjoys First Mud Bath

Hilvarenbeek, February 24, 2024 – Safari Park Beekse Bergen’s five-day-old elephant calf Tendai, accompanied by the herd, including her two young half-sisters, has discovered the outdoor enclosure of Beekse Bergen for the first time. The rainfall of the previous days was more than welcome: the elephants enjoyed a mud bath with great enthusiasm.

Drie olifantenkalfjes (2)

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Third African Elephant Calf Born: "Everything is falling into place"

Hilvarenbeek, February 20, 2024 - African elephant Punda has become the mother of a healthy elephant calf after a 22-month pregnancy. This is the third calf born in the Safari Park Beekse Bergen k in four months. Never before have three African elephants been born in a European zoo in such a short time.

Tendai  Mosi en Ajabu (voor naar achter)

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Indianapolis Zoo Welcomes African Elephant Calf, Makes History on a Special “Labor” Day

INDIANAPOLIS — This Labor Day was history-making for the Indianapolis Zoo with first-time elephant mother Zahara bringing a male calf into the world. The newest member of the Zoo’s African elephant herd arrived Monday evening shortly after 5:30 p.m. The birth made history as the first elephant in the world (African or Asian) to be born through artificial insemination to a mother who was also born through the same procedure. 

Elephant care staff began staying overnight on Friday when routine blood tests alerted them to the impending birth. Assistant Curator of Elephants Niki Kowalski reported that the calf arrived only 20 minutes after the initial signs of labor. “Zahara’s mother Ivory is known for her short labor times, and this baby came quickly as well,” said Kowalski.  The calf weighs 262 pounds, which is a healthy birthweight. Average birthweight for African elephant calves is 226 pounds, with males typically weighing heavier than females. The calf is strong and was standing within 10 minutes of birth. Mom and baby are doing great and have bonded quickly. “What a great way to celebrate Labor Day,” Kowalsi added.

Prior to the calf’s birth, Zahara was the Zoo’s youngest elephant, at age 17. Her calf is the seventh to be born at the Indianapolis Zoo. “We are especially excited as this calf will begin a third generation in the herd at the Zoo,” said President & CEO Robert Shumaker. The Indianapolis Zoo is recognized as a leader in African elephant reproduction. The first and second African elephants in the world to be conceived and successfully born through artificial insemination were at the Zoo in 2000. Multi-generational herds are the most natural and healthy social setting for elephants.  They are also essential to educate Zoo visitors which creates a conservation ethic to further elephant survival in the wild.

Photos and videos are available here for download and use. Today, Sept. 5 at 2:30 p.m., journalists will be able to talk with elephant care staff at the Zoo.  

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