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New Baby Dolphin a Success for Research Technology at Dolphin Cove

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A 3.5 foot-long, 35-pound Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin was born at Discovery Cove in Florida on November 30 at 10:22 a.m. -- and it's a girl! The little calf is continuing to develop, nurse and bond with her mother.

Her birth is notable, because it marks the first time a Dolphin at Discovery Cove has successfully given birth to a calf conceived through the use of “sperm-sexing” research, which involves separating sperm carrying a female-producing X chromosome from sperm carrying a male-producing Y chromosome. This scientific advancement affords Discovery Cove the opportunity to manage its species’ genetic diversity and social environment.

Scientists at the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Reproductive Research Center in San Diego, pioneered the ability to preferentially produce female or male Dolphin offspring though sperm-sexing and artificial insemination. The baby represents the 15th Dolphin calf produced worldwide using sex pre-selection technology, and the 25th Dolphin born at Discovery Cove since the park opened in 2000. Discovery Cove’s parent company, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, has one of the most successful dolphin breeding programs in the world.

Photo Credit: Discovery Cove at SeaWorld 

Spectacular Baby Anteater Photos from Discovery Cove

It’s a boy!  This little guy – a lesser anteater or tamandua – was born just days ago to mom, Cypress, at Discovery Cove, in Orlando, Florida.  The youngster will hitch a ride on mom’s back for the first part of his life until he’s able to walk and find food on his own.  Tamanduas are native to the forests of Mexico to South America.  They use their sharp claws and 16-inch-long tongue (41 cm) to eat up to 9,000 ants in a single day.

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Photo credits: David Collier / Discovery Cove

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