Dallas Zoo

Long-necked Bundle of Joy

Dallas Zoo’s thrilled to share that their giraffe herd has grown by one! Mom Chrystal and dad Tebogo welcomed a healthy, 131-pound baby GIRL on Sunday, March 19.

Both mom and baby are doing well. This sweet girl is very attached to mom and follows her everywhere. They’re giving them all the time they need to bond privately behind the scenes for now, but will let us know when this little lady is ready to go out on habitat!

290-pound Baby Bounds Into The World!

Dallas Zoo is thrilled to announce their African elephant, Mlilo, gave birth to a healthy, 290-pound baby boy on Sunday, February 26. Mom and baby are both healthy and doing so well!

The little one will not be on habitat yet for several weeks, so keep an eye on Dallas Zoo's social media channels for updates on the baby in the short term. And keep an eye out for an announcement next week with the baby's name! 


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Dallas Zoo is thrilled to announce that it got quite a treat the day before Halloween… with the arrival of a much-anticipated baby hippopotamus to your Dallas Zoo family!

Boipelo gave birth to a healthy hippo calf on Sunday, Oct. 30 around 5:30 p.m. Both mom and baby are doing well and have been bonding behind the scenes, while dad Gus and half-sister Adanna spend time on habitat.

The animal team had been closely monitoring Boipelo for several weeks as her birth window neared. Signs of labor started mid-afternoon that Sunday, and the team used cameras in the barn to keep tabs on Boipelo’s progress while allowing her to deliver the calf privately. Her labor progressed quickly and smoothly, as the team cheered Boipelo on from a distance.

The calf emerged strong and immediately came up for a breath of air, and then was swimming and active while mom watched on attentively. The little one was observed nursing within an hour of birth, and mom and baby spent the rest of that first night lying close together in their pool behind the scenes.

They’re still several weeks away from the little one debuting on habitat, so in the meantime, keep an eye out on social for all the updates on mom and baby and the rest of Dallas’s hippo bloat!

Critically Endangered Baby Tigers

Dallas Zoo has welcomed TWO Sumatran tiger cubs, born on December 6, to mom, Sukacita ("Suki") and dad Kuasa (which makes these cubs full siblings to Sumini!)

Dallas Zoo tiger cubs born 12.6 (2)

Suki had milk production issues, similar to when she gave birth to Sumini, which meant that the cubs were not able to nurse properly. Zoo officials were prepared for this possibility and were able to act very quickly to intervene and ensure the cubs’ survival. Just like with Sumini, these cubs are receiving around-the-clock care from an incredible team of zoologists and veterinarians. Both cubs and mom are happy and healthy!

Dallas Zoo hasn’t decided on names for these two little ones just yet, and they will remain behind the scenes for now. With only an estimated 400-600 Sumatran tigers remaining in the wild, each birth is a major win for this critically endangered species, and the Zoo is  thrilled to be able to contribute to the population once again with these adorable new additions.

Lion Cubs Debut at Dallas Zoo!


Dallas Zoo is pleased to share that their three lion cubs made their first public appearance this morning! The girls, Ilola and Tadala were the first to take the big step out into the habitat. Izwi (male) hung back and observed for a few minutes before following suite. There was plenty of running, jumping, chasing, wresting, tail-biting, and of course, cuteness, as they explored and greeted their adoring fans. The cubs will continue spending time in the habitat and will be out for Zoo guests to see for a few hours each day between bottle