Copenhagen Zoo

Giraffe Birth Wows Onlookers

Many lucky guests and staff had a most amazing experience when a baby giraffe was born at Copenhagen Zoo on Friday September 8 at 12:25pm.

It's a highly experienced mother with seven successful births behind her, so officials felt confident in opening the barn and allowing curious guests to watch. Of course, there was always staff present to observe the animals' behavior and close the barn if they showed signs of stress - but it wasn't necessary at all! All maintained a respectful silence while excited children and adults had an experience of a lifetime.

The Newest, Cutest Babies at Copenhagen Zoo

On December 27th, Cindy gave birth to a perfect baby! This is her 6th child over the 20 years she has lived at the zoo, making her quite an experienced mother.

Copenhagen also has three little lion cubs! They came into the world on December 1st.  Like most other cubs, they are very vulnerable in the first few weeks of their lives, so the family had total peace inside the barn.

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Plop! Another Hippo In The Water

Copenhagen Zookeepers observed their hippo pair mating on the 14th of February, and that fits with the 8 months a hippo is typically pregnant. Officials can say with assurance that this is a little Valentine’s calf.

They don't know the gender yet, because mother and calf need a few days of peace and quiet before the vet can come for a maternity visit. The calf is limping a bit on one leg, so keepers are keeping a close eye on that. The hope is it’s just a bit delayed finding its footing.

In 1-2 weeks’ time the baby will probably be ready to go on to exhibit. First, mother and calf must have time to bond with each other, and the calf must learn to swim before it has access to the deep end of the pool with the rest of the herd.

Critically Endangered Baby Leopard Gets His Shots And Ventures Out

Like all newborn baby animals, Copenhagen Zoo’s Amur leopard cub must of course also be welcomed with a visit from the vet. Vets check that it is healthy and well, weigh it, check the sex, and give it its own personal chip. The little one did not complain in the slightest, and the patient mother also took it in stride.

About two weeks later, the leopard cub has had its first excursion in the exhibit! It is a seemingly dangerous world, at first! Fortunately, once you get to know it, you quickly become more courageous

Rhino Calf is Zoo's First in 35 Years

A Rhinoceros calf born at the Copenhagen Zoo is the first of this endangered species to be born at the zoo in 35 years.


1553143_940214189323729_7810544619005624505_oPhoto Credit:  Copenhagen Zoo

The calf appears healthy and is nursing well from its mother.  Just moments after birth, the 110-pound (50kg) calf took its first steps.  Zoo guests can peek into the den for a glimpse of the calf. 

One hundred years ago, there were half a million Black and White Rhinos in the wild.  Today, that figure stands at less than 30,000.  This calf will play an important role in the future of the species.  

See more photos of the Rhino Calf below.

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