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Meet Moto the L'Hoest's Monkey...


Photographer peterdc8 caught these compelling photos of Moto, Colchester Zoo's year-old L'Hoest's Monkey over the weekend. The name 'Moto' means fire in Swahili. As evidenced by these photos of Moto eating veggies, the L'Hoest diet is primarily herbivore, although L'Hoests are also known to eat eggs, lizards, and small birds. These charismatic monkeys are listed as vulnerable to extinction by the IUCN.


Photo credits: peterdc8

Naked, Wrinkly, and Adorable

Born on February 27th at the UK's Colchester Zoo, this two week old baby aardvark doesn't quite fit into its pink skin. The little boy or girl currently resides with mom in the the secluded "rearing burrow," which was specially constructed to provide mother and cub with privacy during the first few weeks. For a mammal of its size, the aardvark has a tiny brain and adult aardvarks are notoriously clumsy so it's important to keep the delicate baby aardvark away from the other lumbering adults for now. Baryshnikov aardvarks aren't.

Baby aardvark colchester zoo 1 rs

Baby aardvark colchester zoo 3 rs

Baby aardvark and mom sleeping 1 rs

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