Djibril, The “Adopted” Chimpanzee At Spain’s BIOPARC Valencia Has Turned 3 Years Old

Djibril, the “adopted” chimpanzee at Spain’s BIOPARC Valencia has turned 3 years old.

His story began at BIOPARC Fuengirola where, after being rejected by his mother, the park team had to intervene to save his life.

His valuable genetics motivated an important international operation of the conservation program of this endangered species.

With this objective, Djibril moved to BIOPARC Valencia. After a long process and a lot of care, he managed to integrate into the group of chimpanzees.

At first he was shy and insecure and the technical staff remained alert because each step was a new challenge.

But soon Djibril became one of the family, and now he plays with his "brother" Coco.

It’s a happy ending for Djibril and a reason for hope for the preservation of chimpanzees.

Update On Stevie Chimpanzee:

At just 3 weeks old, she is thriving! Zoo Knoxville Chimpanzee Infant Stevie is currently receiving around the clock keeper care from 10 expert primate care givers.

She is meeting all of her milestones and eating on demand. Each day consists of bottles, weight and temperature checks, and outdoor time. She also is slowly being reintroduced to the troop who see her daily.


Zoo Knoxville’s goal is to reintroduce her to the troop, beginning with the other females. This will require waiting until Stevie is more mobile in the coming months and training the other females to help care for her.

Can We See the baby?

We currently have no scheduled viewing times for guests to see Stevie. Providing the best care for all of the chimpanzees in our troop will continue to be Zoo Knoxville’s top priority. Chimpanzees are an Endangered species, and being driven to extinction by habitat loss, disease, and their biggest threat, illegal poaching. Zoo Knoxville is working in partnership with 32 other zoos accredited by @zoos_aquariums to ensure a healthy population remains as hope for the future. #wildlyfun #knoxville #chimpanzee #zookeepers #alwayscaring


Binti, a 37-year-old chimpanzee, gave birth on Friday, April 22, to a healthy female. Binti experienced some complications with the birth and needed medical intervention to address a retained placenta. Thanks to the quick action of her caretakers and the veterinary team from the UTCVM-University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Binti is recovering well. While she is getting her strength back, the infant is being cared for round-the-clock by the Great Apes team and is healthy and thriving.


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Grooming is very important in chimpanzee life. Chimps learn how to groom at an early age, and use it as a way to form and maintain social bonds with one another.

When Maisie was being hand-raised by Maryland Zoo’s care team (Maisie Playlist linked below), they made it a priority to ‘groom’ her so she could learn and get used to the behavior. Now, Maisie is seen regularly grooming and getting groomed within the troop!

More On Maisie!:

Infant Chimp Takes To The Community Like a Duck To Water

ZooBorns readers know ZOOM Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen has had quite a roster of new babies born lately. On the 25th of February, in the early hours of the morning, chimp Jahaga gave birth to a baby as well! Mother and child are doing well. Little one clings to mother Jahaga's tummy and is being taken good care of by her.



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This time last year, baby chimpanzee Maisie was getting ready to be introduced to Maryland Zoo’s troop for the very first time. After being hand-raised since she arrived, this was a delicate process that took a lot of thought and strategy from the chimp care team.

One year later, Maryland Zoo couldn’t be happier with how much Maisie has grown, both in confidence and in relationships with her troopmates. She’s being community-raised by the adults and continues to be as close as ever with fellow infants Lola and Violet. We can’t wait to continue watching her progress.

Irene and Baby Tonk Snuggle and Kiss Each Other

It's easy to see how much Irene adores baby Tonk! Tonk was born at Lion Country Safari in Florida as part of a collaborative conservation program to save chimps from extinction.

In the wild, chimps are endangered (and critically endangered in some regions), due to a number of factors, including wildlife trafficking. As adorable as Tonk is, he will one day be massive; we're talking over 150 pounds of pure muscle! Chimps need our support for conservation but they're #NotAPet.

Birthday Boy, Tai, Turns 1!

Birthday Boy Tai was born in ZOO Ljubljana, Slovenia, on January 18 2021. He just celebrated his first birthday! Zookeepers made a special fruit cake for him and surprised him with presents. His family, who helped him eat the treats and open the gifts, belongs to the western chimpanzee subspecies, a critically endangered subspecies of chimpanzee. This is why he was named Tai — after the national park on the Ivory Coast where western chimpanzees live. He is very curious and adores his older sister, Leona, who is 5 years old. She loves to carry him around, play with him and teach him new things. 

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