Primate Playtime at Zoo Palmyre

Play is a fundamental component of social learning in primates.

Among other things, it allows the development of motor, neurological and cognitive abilities. It also promotes the acquisition of certain behaviors.

The baby chimp seen here at Zoo Palmyre is 14-months old and playing with a 19-year old male.

The Great Ape childhood, spanning across the first 4 years, is a time of play and discovery. Far from being futile, long solo or group fun sessions lay the foundation for the rules of dominance in adulthood and social integration of the individual in his group.

📹 F. Perroux/ZoodeLaPalmyre


Must Watch Video: Tummy Tickles for Little Happy

A sprinkling of Happy-ness for your Thursday

How could you not be ‘Happy’ when watching this cute video!

In footage that’s sure to brighten you day, Adelaide Zoo keepers have shared this gorgeous moment two-month old Chimpanzee, Happy, had some tummy tickles and kisses with mum, Hannah, and big sister, Hope.


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Lion Country Safari Welcomes Second Rare Baby Chimpanzee 

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Lion Country Safari welcomed a baby chimpanzee to its troop on Jan. 28, the second chimp baby born at the facility in a little over a year. The baby is making her debut on the island habitats in the preserve, and guests driving through the safari may see her clinging to mom. 

This baby has been named Lili in honor of the Tonkolili Chimpanzee Project, a conservation initiative in Sierra Leone. Due to the status of chimpanzees in the wild and the low number of births in the population, this birth is especially rare and significant for the conservation of the species. Her birth contributes to the Chimpanzee Species Survival Plan (SSP), a national collaboration to save them from extinction.  


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The Newest, Cutest Babies at Copenhagen Zoo

On December 27th, Cindy gave birth to a perfect baby! This is her 6th child over the 20 years she has lived at the zoo, making her quite an experienced mother.

Copenhagen also has three little lion cubs! They came into the world on December 1st.  Like most other cubs, they are very vulnerable in the first few weeks of their lives, so the family had total peace inside the barn.

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Birth of Rare Chimpanzee at Chester Zoo Gives ‘Hope’ to Critically Endangered Species

Primate conservationists are celebrating the birth of the world’s rarest chimpanzee at Chester Zoo.

New mum ZeeZee – a critically endangered Western chimpanzee - safely delivered the tiny baby boy following an eight month pregnancy.

Great ape experts at the conservation zoo have revealed that the new male arrival is in good health and has spent the first few weeks of life bonding with mum and the rest of the 22-strong troop.

Older-sister -Stevie-(Nicks) -gives-mum-Zee-Zee-a-helping-hand-with-her-new-baby-boy-(1)

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Oh Happy! 😍

Monarto Safari Park Keeper Laura shared this gorgeous video of the newest addition to the Chimapnzee troop snuggling with mum, Hannah.

Now two weeks old, Happy is doing really well and can be seen in the dayroom or enjoying the sunshine with Hannah, sister Hope and the rest of the troop.

To celebrate Happy's arrival Monarto officals would love it if you could bring along any old mobile phones and their chargers when you visit Monarto Safari Park and pop them in the recycling bin on the Chimpanzee platform.

The recycling of old devices helps them to raise funds for the through the 'They're Calling on You' campaign. 🐾


Dr Jane Goodall Sends Happy Message Of Hope To Announce Chimpanzee Birth

Monarto Safari Park is pant-hooting with excitement with the arrival of a baby Chimpanzee just in time for Christmas.

28-year-old Chimpanzee, Hannah, gave birth to a healthy boy overnight on 20 December into early 21 December.

The announcement was made in an extremely special video message from world-renowned ethologist Dr Jane Goodall DBE. 

Hannah bub2

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Kucheza The Chimp Is Back By Popular Demand And This Time He Meets Dad!

Sedgwick County Zoo's Chimp Mom Mahale was a bit apprehensive, which is exactly what the keepers expected. She wanted Father Moshi to meet Kucheza but only if he kept his distance!

She has allowed him to get closer since the initial introduction but he continues to be incredibly respectful of her space.

***a note about the background noise: there are fans throughout the behind the scenes area for circulation and one of them is right next to this spot. they are not as loud as they seem on camera - microphones just have a way of amplifying wind noise and this happens to be the best spot for filming!