6-week-old Meets Kioja and Milo!

Little one, meet Kioja and Milo! The Spillman family shot this video that features the moment when their new baby caught the eyes of a few of Kansas City Zoo’s chimpanzees. Kioja, a female who recently turned 28, has been an excellent biological mother in the past and was even considered for the surrogate role for one of the zoo’s youngest chimps, Ruw. This clip also shows 7-year-old Milo, demonstrating his own fun and silly approach to getting the family’s attention. The Spillman family said this visit was their then 6-week-old baby’s first time at the Zoo, and the incredible interaction will be a moment they will remember forever!

Video courtesy of Brooks and Brenna Spillman taken at Kansas City Zoo

Learning To Climb! An Akida Update

Remember watching baby Akida learning to walk with the help of Mom Sally at Wellington Zoo? Now he’s on to the next milestone: climbing! Doting parents, Lex and Sally, stuck close by and gave Akida all the encouragement he needed. If this doesn’t make your heart melt, we’re not sure what will!

🎥 Keeper Danni

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UPDATE: Chimpanzee Stevie @ 10 weeks

UPDATE: Chimpanzee Stevie is now 10 weeks old, 6lbs. and thriving at Zoo Knoxville. She is beginning to crawl, working on sitting up and getting her first tooth any day now! A team of expert caregivers are still caring for her around the clock until she reaches a more independent stage to reunite with the troop. She spends face time with the other chimpanzees daily at Chimp Ridge.


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Chimpanzee Born At Safari Park Beekse Bergen

A female West African chimpanzee was born in Beekse Bergen. This species is endangered in the wild.

"Both the young and mother Anne Clara are doing well," says head zookeeper Kris Jansen. It is currently unknown who the father is. Jansen: “Just like in the wild, there are also several adult males and females living in our groups. There are several fertile males in the group and these animals do not have a permanent partner. DNA analysis should therefore show who the father is in the future.”

Chimpansee geboren Beekse Bergen (1)

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Djibril, The “Adopted” Chimpanzee At Spain’s BIOPARC Valencia Has Turned 3 Years Old

Djibril, the “adopted” chimpanzee at Spain’s BIOPARC Valencia has turned 3 years old.

His story began at BIOPARC Fuengirola where, after being rejected by his mother, the park team had to intervene to save his life.

His valuable genetics motivated an important international operation of the conservation program of this endangered species.

With this objective, Djibril moved to BIOPARC Valencia. After a long process and a lot of care, he managed to integrate into the group of chimpanzees.

At first he was shy and insecure and the technical staff remained alert because each step was a new challenge.

But soon Djibril became one of the family, and now he plays with his "brother" Coco.

It’s a happy ending for Djibril and a reason for hope for the preservation of chimpanzees.

Update On Stevie Chimpanzee:

At just 3 weeks old, she is thriving! Zoo Knoxville Chimpanzee Infant Stevie is currently receiving around the clock keeper care from 10 expert primate care givers.

She is meeting all of her milestones and eating on demand. Each day consists of bottles, weight and temperature checks, and outdoor time. She also is slowly being reintroduced to the troop who see her daily.


Zoo Knoxville’s goal is to reintroduce her to the troop, beginning with the other females. This will require waiting until Stevie is more mobile in the coming months and training the other females to help care for her.

Can We See the baby?

We currently have no scheduled viewing times for guests to see Stevie. Providing the best care for all of the chimpanzees in our troop will continue to be Zoo Knoxville’s top priority. Chimpanzees are an Endangered species, and being driven to extinction by habitat loss, disease, and their biggest threat, illegal poaching. Zoo Knoxville is working in partnership with 32 other zoos accredited by @zoos_aquariums to ensure a healthy population remains as hope for the future. #wildlyfun #knoxville #chimpanzee #zookeepers #alwayscaring


Binti, a 37-year-old chimpanzee, gave birth on Friday, April 22, to a healthy female. Binti experienced some complications with the birth and needed medical intervention to address a retained placenta. Thanks to the quick action of her caretakers and the veterinary team from the UTCVM-University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Binti is recovering well. While she is getting her strength back, the infant is being cared for round-the-clock by the Great Apes team and is healthy and thriving.


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