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CMZoo Welcomes First Amur Leopard Cubs in Nearly 20 Years

Two spotted, wriggly, critically endangered cubs born at CMZoo

May 19, 2023 (COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.) – There were happy tears at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on Wednesday, when Asian Highlands keepers celebrated the long-awaited arrival of two V.I.C.s – very important cubs. It has been nearly 20 years since Amur leopard cubs were born at CMZoo. Three days after Mother’s Day, Anya, a 9-year-old critically endangered Amur leopard became a first-time mom.

CMZoo Amur Leopard Anya (1)

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BABY WATCH: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Giraffe is in Labor

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Oct. 19, 2022) – Bailey, a 10-year-old reticulated giraffe at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, is in active labor. The giraffe barn will remain closed and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will provide updates to media as soon as possible.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will broadcast updates from its Facebook page and YouTube live stream. Recipients of this news release are granted permission from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to re-broadcast footage originally broadcast by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on social media and from the live birth camera through October 21, 2022.


IT'S A BOY! Do you love Cheyenne Mountian Zoo’s hoglet and want to make a lasting contribution to the Zoo? You could bid to win the privilege of naming this little boy! Head to to register and bid. The winner will get to name and meet the hoglet in person! The bidding window ends on Wed., Sept. 28, 2022, at 7 p.m. MT.

The winning bid will directly support CMZoo’s world-class conservation, education, and animal care programs. Thank you for your support. They can't wait to see your naming ideas!

Happy Birthday Hoglet!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s little Red River hog is one month old today! To celebrate, the entire hog family enjoyed foraging for yummy produce inside some birthday-themed cardboard boxes (painted with non-toxic paint, of course) in the sunny yard.

Because the hoglet and its mom have been doing so well, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo have not needed to perform any up-close examinations, which means they haven't 100% confirmed its sex, either. As soon as they do, they’ll let you know.

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Welcomes Watermelon-Striped Baby Red River Hog

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo keepers were greeted by a brand-new baby Red River hog in the early hours of Fri., Aug. 12. They had suspicions a baby was on the way, and their suspicions were confirmed when they found Red River hog mom, Zena, resting peacefully with her baby, who appears to be in good health.

“We are over the moon with excitement for this little one,” said Lauren Phillippi, lead keeper in African Rift Valley. “Red River hog babies are some of the cutest in the whole animal kingdom with their little stripes, tiny statures and energetic behaviors.”

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Omo’s Turning 1!

We can hardly believe Omo will turn one year old on July 20! It's been a year of adorable ear wiggles, plops and boops with this boy, and it's been our joy to share him with you. Hear Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Water's Edge: Africa keepers' favorite 'Omo-ments' over the past year.

To celebrate Omo's first birthday, CMZoo’s partners at Children's Hospital Colorado, are throwing him a party, and you're invited. Join Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Water's Edge on Wed., July 20 from 10 a.m. to noon, to make Omo a birthday card, learn about hippos at a special keeper talk at 11 a.m. and then watch Omo and his mom, Zambezi, enjoy a special birthday cake at 11:30 a.m. Advance daytime admission e-tickets are required to attend. You can get tickets at

The First Baby Of Spring Was Born At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – And It’s Ridiculously Cute

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (May 5, 2022) – There’s a very fluffy, adorably squeaky new kid on the rocks at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Around 3:15 p.m. on Wed., May 4, first-time Rocky Mountain goat mom, Lena, delivered a calf who was on her feet and working out her wobbly legs within minutes.

“Rocky Mountain goat kids are famous for being capable right out of the gate,” said Michelle Salido, lead keeper at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. “They’re native to some pretty demanding habitats, so they have to be hearty to thrive in those elements and that’s what we’re seeing with this little one. She’s getting the hang of her lanky legs, and we’ve already seen her climbing up rocks and on her mom.”


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Rise and shine, little Siamang!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Keepers have spotted the Zoo's youngest Siamang, Rahsia (born Labor Day 2020), being extra playful in the mornings as she explores her habitat and tests more solid foods, like lettuce. As she grows older and more independent, you're likely to see her sticking close to her dad, Wayan. This is a normal behavior for her species, and keepers say it's a healthy sign of development as she becomes less reliant on mom, Eve.

6 Months Of Omo The Baby Hippo

It has been six months of Omo goodness, so Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is taking a little trip down memory lane AND showing you some new up-close Omo footage. Spoiler alert: incoming Omo window boops.

From watching Zambezi embrace motherhood for the first time with such a gentle nature to seeing Omo wild out in the pools, and every nap, plop and ear wiggle in between, it's been a joy sharing these two with you all. Happy six-month birthday, Omo!