Baby Camel in the Minnesota Snow


Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day (and the upcoming Farm Babies event beginning April 1), a male Bactrian Camel calf is now on exhibit on the Northern Trail at the Minnesota Zoo. Born March 7 weighing a whopping 125 pounds, the calf – who hasn’t been named yet – has been kept offexhibit with his mother to ensure that he was healthy and gaining weight. Camels usually gain approximately two pounds per day, and will reach adult size (1600–1800 pounds and eight feet tall) in 3-4 years. The gestation period for Bactrian camels is just over one year. This is the fifth calf for mom “Sanya” and the eighteenth for dad “Turk.” The calf will nurse for a full year, will be independent at age four, and fully mature at age five.




Photo credits: Minnesota Zoo

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Little Camel Cuddles with Mom

Bactrian camels are critically endangered in the wild and the St. Louis Zoo is helping to preserve the species with their latest birth. This shaggy little male calf, born to parents Minnie and Elvis, will reach 1,600-1,800 lbs. in adulthood! Camels are famous for carrying people across the deserts of the Middle East and Africa but they actually originated in North America and migrated across the Bering Strait. 

Baby camel calf minnesota zoo 4

Baby camel calf minnesota zoo 1a

Baby camel calf minnesota zoo 3

Baby camel calf minnesota zoo 2

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Miley the Baby Bactrian Camel

Originally ignored by her mother, the Mesker Park Zoo's newest Bactrian camel calf was cared for by keepers for her first week. However, mother camel, Renee, finally came around and is now hopelessly devoted to her little girl, following little Miley everywhere around the exhibit.

Camel mesker park zoo 3 ab

Camel mesker park zoo 2
Above Photo Credit: Bill Palmer

Camel head mesker park zoo 1 ab

Learn more about the little camel on the Mesker Park Zoo's blog

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Big Baby Camels at the Minnesota Zoo

actrian camel calves Sarah and Samara both weighed 98 lbs at birth. While they might sound like big babies, the little girls will continue to gain 3-5 lbs per day until they reach their adult size of 2,200-2,400 lbs.

Bactrian camel calves mn zoo pic 3d

Bactrian camel calves mn zoo pic 5b

Bactrian camel calves mn zoo pic 1

Critically endangered, there are fewer than 1,000 Bactrian Camels left in the wild. Born April 2nd and March 13th respectively, check out Sarah and Samara at the Minnesota Zoo now while they are still (relatively) little tikes!

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